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Thread: Speaker cover - metal grid wanted.

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    Speaker cover - metal grid wanted.

    I'm looking for some speaker grid or mesh or whatever it's called. I'm sure in world of hi-fidelity it has a technical name but to me it's stuff to cover two holes.

    The sounds in the Boxster are crap and while the flat 6 is superb to listen to Mrs Traco doesn't appreciate it all the time. So last year I changed the head unit to a Pioneer single DIN that uses a Pioneer app on the phone to give it all the modern stuff while looking somewhat standard. Huge improvement but shows up the old speakers in the dash.

    This year I decided to do some butchering and carpentry and have managed to squeeze two Pioneer 4" X 6" speakers into the rear storage cubby were I ripped out the side bins.

    It's not going to win any bass awards but it's a vast improvement. I just want to cover the holes now to finish it off. I was thinking about a cheap IKEA mesh paper bin and cutting it but they're closed and last time I checked there was no black.

    So before I get lost in eBay or Amazon does anyone have anything thrown in a corner.

    Size would be 2 pieces 100x200mm

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    Can you put the original covers back after you drill a series of small 3mm holes arranged in concentic circles in front of the speaker?
    It will keep a standard look until you can get the correct material.
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    How about using some acoustic cloth. You can cover over the speakers entirely retain the sound performance while fully hiding your install

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    They were open to begin with. The spaces had lined bins in them. I was thinking about the fabric alright but it always seems to be hard grids or honeycomb stuff in cars.

    Just thought but I'd ask in case anyone have old speakers for the bin where the covers might be repurposed. Reuse and recycle, save a polar bear, hug a tree kind of deal??
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