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Thread: Backroads University - The Reading List

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    As I've gotten older, my reading interests are becoming dramatically limited, and 80% of anything is motorsport/car related.

    So, (1) What are we reading and (2) What should we read?

    Screenshot_2020-05-05 GT Higgins on Instagram “Thought this would be heavy going and one t.jpg

    ^I picked this and another one up last week from Ervo who had a sale, and must say it's really excellent.

    My heart sank when I flicked through it as I was expecting something akin to Adrian Newey's book and it looked anything but that, but it flows really well and has the sort of detail that Newey's book didn't.

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    I'm similar, I'm reading less and less....I recently signed up to the "bikes unlimited" app. they have a deal on at the moment for roughly €50 a years subscription to MCN, Bike, Ride and some others. I only tried it out today but it works well. I'd prefer the paper copies, but at that price I couldn't pass it up!

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    Metal Shaping! Picked this up last week

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    I'm currently reading:

    The Belfast Blitz by Brian Barton, picked it up in Tesco in Newry. A very well written book.
    BRIXMIS by Tony Geraghty (British military missions in the former East Germany)
    What Does This Button Do by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden, autobiography)
    Blind Man's Bluff by Sherry Sonntag and Christopher Drew (US submarine espionage)
    Burned by Sam McBride (RHI scandal in Area 6)
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    FOUR-STROKE PerFormance TUNING (4TH EDN) by Graham Bell

    Carroll Smith

    Tune to Win -
    Chassis fundamentals

    Drive to Win -
    Racing fundamentals

    Prepare to Win -
    Prep your car for speed and reliability

    Engineer to Win -
    Solve your racing problems the right way

    Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and Plumbing Handbook -
    the right bits needed, and why

    Engineer in Your Pocket -
    the quick reference for debriefs
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    Motorcycle Roadcraft......cant wait to practise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gn3dr View Post
    Metal Shaping! Picked this up last week
    that looks interesting, something i'd love to get good at. might motivate me to do something with my RS turbo too

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    Going Faster: Mastering the Art of Race Driving a good read if you race / do trackdays

    One Moore for the Road, a behind the scenes look at the adventures working in Jaguar Product Developmen, written by a friend of mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    that looks interesting, something i'd love to get good at. might motivate me to do something with my RS turbo too
    Yeah it's good. I got his last book also as well loads of other related books on fabrication, English Wheels, Power Hammers etc. I find it really satisfying. I'm making a motorbike fuel tank at present, spent a lot of time shaping the top and right hand side over the last few weeks. Started on the left hand side last night and Iwas pleasantly shocked myself at how fast I got it to 80% complete compared to the other side. All about practice practice practice I guess.

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    I don't know what you're looking for, but I sometimes think that if people really internalised Mankiw's principles of Economics, we'd have a lot fewer dumb conversations:

    There are caveats to several of them, but they're a great starting point.
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