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Thread: Legend: I got drunk and bought a V12 Ferrari in an online auction!

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    Legend: I got drunk and bought a V12 Ferrari in an online auction!

    I know nobody knows where the market is going, but is this not serious value for a running and driving project Ferrari?!?
    And what would be the story about bringing one in to restore before bringing it back to uk for resale?!
    I got pretty drunk and won this auction and have the option of a friend in the uk buying it but I'm not sure ill ever have the chance of owning a v12 let alone a Ferrari again?! I know its been an insurance write off but having spoken to the engineer in Lovets I have been told it was just cosmetic damage and repaired well.
    What would you do? Am I mad?
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    You got drunk and bought a Ferrari? Legendary

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    Personally, I like 456...twice I came close to taking the plunge. It's not the most desirable Ferrari, and prices vary considerably. So personally, I'd keep it, tidy it up and get some joy from it.

    The VRT bill would not be nice though, but you got it at less than 50% market value in UK.

    There was a 456 on sale here with a 70K plus price at the beginning of last year with 18K miles.

    In terms of trying to repair and flip it... Why would you bring it here to restore it?

    The network isn't here to support it. A recognised Ferrari specialist is needed if you want a strong resale value, but as an insurance write-off, is there much value to be found? Plenty of 456's around, so someone looking for a good one would likely shy away from it. As you said, market is an unknown, but these are less likely to hold values than more desirable models.

    My two cents...

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    Epic indeed, Please say you were on cans of Dutch Gold to embelish the story
    Beautiful cross continent V12 cruiser. That interior looks classy and ageless. All for 25G's, with significant spend already done (No doubt it will always be fond of the spanner) Its likely near the bottom if the depreciation curve. I say steer and enjoy, you only live once, Congrats

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    What a hero!

    Bring it home, drive it for a month, get a VRT quote and if it doesn’t suit you then maybe get your friend to buy it.
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    You're an absolute hero!
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
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    You Sir are a hero! Bravo!!
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