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Thread: New automotive podcast

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    New automotive podcast

    Hi all. A couple of friends and I had been toying with the idea of starting a podcast for the last while, and with the current global situation allowing us a bit more free time we decided to have a go at it over the weekend. It's under the Sprint banner, which may drive me to do more with that website, the current rate of one feature posted every two months or so needs to be improved upon...

    The first series of the podcast is a look back at the 2001 World Rally Championship, with one podcast planned for each round. It was an important year for us as we were all getting into the sport in a big way around then, and a combination of spectacular cars, great drivers, top-class coverage and a championship that went down to the wire meant it was one of the best years the sport had ever seen. More topics are planned in the future, but for now we will focus on this.

    The first episode is linked below and contains a season preview and analysis of the first round in Monte Carlo. The audio needs some tweaking but it's the best we could manage with our current setups! Have a listen and leave us some feedback, like and subscribe to the channel if you feel so inclined as well. It's currently hosted on Podbean but we're working on getting it up on the other platforms as well. We're looking at releasing weekly episodes at the moment, I'll update this thread as we move along.
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    Episode 2 now live on the link below., Features analysis of Rally Sweden 2001 and Francois Delecour's carrot incident, among other things
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    Nice one Maurice, am in a rally mode now from listening to Nicky Grist episode of collecting cars, will take a listen.

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    I think I'm about halfway through the first episode. About 15 to 20 minutes a night. The relaxed style is great, it's good that ye are in my rush. Only one thing is that the quality of one of the lads audio is not great maybe it's the mic being used.
    Anyway it's good craic.. it was a great idea to go back to the golden age.

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    Cheers Phil, much appreciated. Audio is something we need to improve on but we're slightly restricted at the moment for obvious reasons in what we can do, hopefully we'll get there. Recording the Rally Portugal episode during the week, will post a link here again once it's live.
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    Its given me a whole new appreciation of skoda's.. need to lookup some YouTube now of armin Schwarz giving the skoda death

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    Great stuff lads. I've listened to the first two episodes now and enjoyed them both. Listened to the Nicky Grist podcast with Chris Harris last week so this podcast was timed perfectly.
    Only advice I'd give is to try and get on Spotify or some other platform. Downloaded podbean just to listen to the podcast but it's not a great platform in my opinion.

    Anyway, keep it up. It's great to have an irish rallying podcast.

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    Cheers DeltaOscar, we're looking into it at the moment, should have it up on iTunes soon. Spotify looks for a minimum of 5 episodes before they accept so we'll get it on that in a couple of weeks time. Will get it set up on Acast and Soundcloud etc as well.
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    Episode 3 is now live, and this time it's Rally Portugal 2001 with some of the worst weather ever seen on a WRC event. Speculation on who couldn't differentiate left from right in their pacenotes and why recce technique is one of the many, many reasons the three of us never made it as professionals
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    Fair play Maurice - will give these a listen

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