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    Hi guys,

    Last summer I picked up a 924 who was christened Niki. He had been sitting for years, but I got him through the NCT so he's running and driving. However, I'm stuck in that he needs to be resprayed and needs new seats and really can't justify spending the money on getting it up to spec when I know I can find a sorted 86+ 944 or 924s for the €4-5k that I'd end up spending on him to get him up to spec (he also needs an exhaust manifold which I can't get off and a few other jobs.)

    Anyway, said I'd post a message here just incase someone here knows of someone who has something lying about that's sort of for sale.

    If you want to take a look at Niki, there's loads of photos here:

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    Welcome. I follow you on Instagram.
    I’m sure the folks here will be able to help.
    Always a wealth of information here.

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    Great to have another transaxle kept alive. I understand where you are coming from re the spend on a respray. A post 86 944 is a very different animal to the 924. The suspension is much more developed along with the larger engine etc.

    I have an 89 944 2.78v that is getting rebuilt as a 3.0 16v after the old engine dragged the pistons.

    I rebuilt the entire suspension, brakes fuel lines, etc last year.

    I don’t know of a specific car for sale at the moment but be very careful of sills and boot pockets. Happy to try help in any way.

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    Looks A1.

    Three weeks ago, I was looking at a 987 Boxster/Cayman as a daily and was prepared to finance it as I have the 5.5 cash on hand at the moment in the 944 budget, but given the way things are at the moment, I'm not sure I want to be worried about paying off a loan for the next 18months. Had spent the start of the year looking for an oval dashed 944, but there's just not really anything out there at the moment, and those that were out there were being listed for silly money.

    Hopefully something will pop up.

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    Welcome. Nice car. My father just got rid of this:

    I think you will struggle to find a well sorted post-86 944 for €5k! An earlier car maybe, but last I checked updated cars were still €10k.
    There's no light, There's only fire!

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    If you are willing to wait a few months I would say a good 944 will easily drop into your 5k territory. We have a shitstorm of biblical proportions still on it's way and toys like classic cars are going to take a bath when priorities for 99% of people will be food, shelter and income if they are lucky!

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    I saw your dads car online, and someone sent me the link to it too which sort of ironically brought matters to a head with Niki. I know I'm pushing my luck with a 5k 944, but I'm not looking for a mint one. I'm just looking for an honest one that needs a few bits.

    Basically, Niki needs a full window-out respray, new seals all round (sunroof, windows etc) reupholstered seats and more interior work. I also need to get the exhaust manifold off (which is proving impossible) so when I do the maths, I'm looking at 5k at a minimum to get him to the standard of your dads car above...which was 3k (ish) from memory.

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    Is the exhaust manifold cracked? What's preventing you from removing it? You could get lucky with a sorted 5K 944, but the odds could be against you. Last time I looked, 924S prices were rising above early 944's. Is that fella Brian (forget his surname) up the country still breaking Porsches? He might sort you out for a load of parts

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    I have a replacement manifold and gaskets that are waiting to be bolted on...Have someone who's going to have a go tomorrow, so hopefully that will sort things. Anyway, it's a waiting game for sure, but it's best to put a few messages out to see what comes out of the wood work.

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    I get the issue it can often be the case on a lot of cars as soon as they need a major job like respray and then a few minor ones they are essentially a project car even though many people refuse to accept it.
    I have gone to view so many cars where the buyer genuinely feels it's good because the engine is smooth never mind that it'll need electrics, paint and an interior cleanup.

    Having had a fair few 944's I'd say absolutely worth going for over the 924 as they are night and day different. The only thing I would say is that an acceptably sorted (not mint) 944 is closer to 10k than 4k. A 4-5k 944 will need more work than the 924 you have.

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