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Thread: Austin Princess - Who has one???

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    Austin Princess - Who has one???

    Hi Guys,

    Wondering if someone could possibly help me on this.

    It's my parent's 40th wedding anniversary in a few weeks and we are looking to get them a car to bring them from the family home (Blanchardstown) to Wynn's Hotel on O'Connell Street. Their wedding car was an Austin Princess so think this would be a nice gesture.

    Anyone know of one of these cars in the greater Dublin area that would have an evening free on Saturday 18th April - obviously a fee will be paid!


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    Not an answer to your question but I was looking through old photos recently and saw one from a wedding that took place in Dunboyne in I think 1966. I don't know the people in it but the wedding car took my interest, I didn't know what it was until I cartelled the reg, MZI555, turned out to be an Austin Princess. It must have been pretty new at the time, hardly the same car your parents used?
    The fact this reg came up on cartell and motortax searches suggests to me that its still in use or was in recent years.

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    Careful here.

    Most people who think of Austin Princess think of the mid 70s wedgeshaped monstrosity as favoured by Hubnut on Youtube, which is 45 years ago now.

    If it is 40 years ago then it could be that or an Austin Princess that looks more like your standard 1950s / 60s British Limousine- a bit like a cut price Bentley.

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    Yep I was thinking the hackney cabbies favourite in the 80’s Princess. What an awful yoke

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    Quote Originally Posted by -MICK- View Post
    Yep I was thinking the hackney cabbies favourite in the 80’s Princess. What an awful yoke
    Really awful.

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    I'll try find some more photos of the exact car. But yes, it is the limousine looking style one - not the awful looking one from the 70's and 80's.

    Question remains however - does anyone know of one in the country?

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    Theres a white one outside a house on Johnston Rd in Cabinteely .

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    My Dad had one of these when I started driving, was the first car I ever drove on a public road.

    I remember he left it into our local mechanic for some repairs, a Greek guy who we new well. He returned the car and it would over heat....always. Turned out he forgot to put the cooling fan back in lol.

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    Some difference hai..!



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