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Thread: V8 W210 E Class

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    V8 W210 E Class

    Picked this up, no idea why or what I am going to do with it but in this era of downsizing, electrification and hybrid nonsense a very cheap V8 (less than a years tax on a diesel econobox) with some tax and NCT just couldnít be dismissed. Itís not without fault in the sense that it has a few spots of rust and the interior has probably never been introduced to a vacuum cleaner or air freshener but it makes up for that no end in other departments.

    Letís start with that engine. Itís an M113 E43 V8 that puts out 290bhp and burbles along on an effortless wave of torque which if left to its own devices will never partake in the crude business of stretching itself beyond 2,500 rpm. However if one must insist on pushing a bit harder the old girl can still tango and will surge well beyond civilised speed with absolute ease. After doing some reading online I have learned that this engine can also be had in s430 guise and C43 AMG spec, itís also supposed to be pretty bulletproof provided itís maintained so the 1 previous owner and FSH element of this particular car is extra reassuring.

    Spec wise this must have been absolute top drawer back in 1998. A few of the tasty bits include electric sunroof, xenons, electric memory seats and electric steering column and I you not, it all works. Everything! It still has the full tool kit and I struggled to get the medical kit out of the rear armrest as it was seemingly welded closed such was the lack of use it has had.

    The car is driving very well for its age with absolutely no nasty noises from engine, gearbox or suspension but it is somewhat similar to my perceived idea of how it would be to manoeuvre a cruise liner. Everything is a bit woolly and in no way keen to be rushed. Steering feel is not existent, body roll is verging on comical and while the brakes do work spongy is the word that comes to mind.

    So what next? Restore? Leave as is? Strip it, get some adjustable coilovers, sort the steering and brakes then use as some kind of Frankenstein track weapon? No idea really so going to drive it for a few weeks and go from there. Always open to suggestions.

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    drift it

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    Polish the headlights first

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    Not spending a cent on it for the moment until I decide whether to keep it or flip it.

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    Its an absolute gem of a car. There must have been hundreds if not thousands of these things sold in Ireland but very few with a V8 and such good spec. Only eight years until classic tax. Look at how much you'd pay for a nice, clean, original 4 or 6 cylinder W124, you wouldn't have much change from Ä5k. I'd say these will go in the same direction. I suppose the issue is keeping it taxed and keeping the rust off it for 8 more years. Whoever manages to do that will be handsomely rewarded no doubt...
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