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Thread: Dublin car dealers - opinion required

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogster View Post
    Im selling this save yourelf a heap of cash and get a great car and will to negotiate on proce for a backroader too

    DSG 5 door, xenons and lots of nice bits and unabused.
    That’s a lovely car, but unfortunately not what she’s after. Looking for something newer. Good luck with the sale, it shouldn’t hang around long in that condition!

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    Just to update this...

    We drove several cars in Dublin that day, but didn’t do a deal on anything.

    This was mostly due to the fact that, as you guys advised, we’d get hammered on the trade-in for the Passat.

    So it seems selling privately should be a better option.

    I’ve spotted something from a private seller that seems to be ticking all boxes... I’ll hopefully get to view it over the weekend.

    Will be advertising here shortly if anyone’s on the hunt for a Passat...

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    That Passat will sell on donedeal at the right price handy enough, as your in Dungarvan (i think?) have a look at Eds Car Sales in Fermoy, he has some very decent stuff.

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