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Thread: 2007 W221 S600L The go big or go home thread!

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    That chrome was naff, looks a lot better without it!
    I'm with the resistance

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    Why do I attempt things?? I mean who am I kidding that I have some spanner spinning skills??? As the song says it's always darkest before the dawn. Well I'm stuck in an eternal night at the moment.

    Yesterday wasn't a good day. Meeting in cork and tyre problem on the daily meant having to buy a new china ditch finder to get me there and back. Have a new set of Uniroyal Rainsport 5 arriving Wednesday but no the front drivers just couldn't hang on.

    Then the email server is getting spammed from a eastern European email address so that's another mare of an issue that I had to sort.

    So in my naive innocence I thought I'd get a jump on changing the plugs on Dumbo. You know get set up, get access and get the coil packs off so I'd have a clear run at the 24 plugs to day.

    Nope, the V12 god's weren't having any of that. Airboxes off, intercoolers out of the way. Cables moved and packs unbolted all looking good. Merc have this job at 6 hours or so hence why I was being smart and getting a jump start for today.

    But oh no, not going to haooen Bosco. Start pulling out the pack and all release but no way it's coming out. YouTube vids showed it tight and fiddly but not this. No way no how is this coming out.

    Now some might say just put it back, but to can't. Why - because the insulators stick to the plugs and come out of the pack. Only way to refit the pack is with the insulators in the coils packs. Much head scratching and coffee and I come to the conclusion that the engine and gearbox mounts are well passed their best and the engine has dropped down and back a little.
    Down tools and home to lick my wounds.

    So finding some inspiration in some thinking man's cider I return to patient. I don't have an engine hoist and was afraid to try jacking the engine from below in case I cracked a pan or something else plus I've no idea how much stuff needs to be removed to access the elephants lower extremities.

    Rigged up the Nissan jack with ratchet straps and managed to lift the engine using the front and rear lift points. Probably moved it 6mm forward and up 3 or 4 but enough to get the coil pack out. Reveling in my genius and incredible victory I attack the drivers side and the pack comes out easier. I'm the man!!

    Several insulators stuck as to be expected, they just pulled out with a pliers on the passenger side so this is in the bag

    Nope again the V12 god's decide I should made humble again. Each one is in bits. They fall apart and break so these will not pop out. More like taking crumbs out of a taster one bit at a time. I see an afternoon of penance ahead as I pay my dues to this evil deity.

    Pics for your amusement.
    Older but no wiser.

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    Quitting time and I think today was a draw overall.

    I eventually got all the broken insulators out using an array of skills and tools from pliers to tweezers, some had to be impaired but I don't deny I took particular pleasure from that one.

    The swapping of the plugs was relatively painless. Starting with the hardest to access meant it was a downhill journey from there and once a rhythm was established things went without a hitch. It probably took the best part of two hours though.

    Cylinder 3 was arcing on one plug. You can see the cracks clearly in the insulator and there is also marks on the sleeve of the pack where it was going to ground. I'm raging I didn't run a live scan on the ignition system to see if there was a misfire but I suppose I at least know where to look of I ever get it back together.

    At this point we are all stop. I need to order 24 new insulators as it would be beyond stupid to put this back together and have a failure. Hopefully catching this arcing may save me a coil pack or I may be too late, either way I now know the plugs are good and that the insulators will be perfect also. If there is a misfire now it's a coil pack or maybe the power supply.

    Time for a few well earned beers now.
    Older but no wiser.

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    Savage work , well done

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    Great thinking with forklift !

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    Great work,,, did the chrome come off easily once heated up, I've the same on my é class want to take it off too

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveJ View Post
    Great work,,, did the chrome come off easily once heated up, I've the same on my é class want to take it off too
    It wasn't too bad. The trick seemed to be a little heat not too much. Too much and it went real stringy and just stretched if that makes sense. The right amount got it moving relatively easily with probably 50:50 om the chrome and what was left on the car. Getting it off the car was very light heat, just enough to soften it so it would roll with your finger.

    I was worried that the pillars might have been in bad condition as they can be put on to hide stuff. Fortunately for me they were OK. Its the kind of job that when you start you can't stop.
    Older but no wiser.

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