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Thread: Covid-19 Pandemic

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    Mid-Ulster is about 2/3rd keeping-coal-in-the-bath Fenian
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming View Post
    Mid Ulster is top of the pops in the 7 day race? That's DUP land so I guess the virus is non sectarian after all.
    Well it's already gotten to the orangest of them all.....

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    I still think Renn's comment wins - excess citric acid seems to kill it.

    My apologies Flet, I guess its sectarian creds remain.

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    Catchy name;

    SARS-CoV-2 20A.EU1

    That's the new strain which has been confirmed to be sweeping across the EU at present. It has been confirmed as a different strain to that which hit Europe in Spring 2020.
    Studies are saying the mutation occurred around June in Spain, and it subsequently traveled out of Spain with tourists in the 2-3 months which followed.

    I hope to fc*k we don't see some further mutations of this thing which leave vaccines playing catch-up in a whack-a-mole scenario.

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    Can we stop and take a moment.


    I need a new fridge. Genuinely, I reckon it won't last the week. It's warmer inside than the room.

    So if the "well X retailer is still open" prevails, I won't get one.

    I can't get my bed because it's in another county.

    Ever slept in a bed? Yes? Ever slept in a bed knowing you have a better bed but can't get it due to travel restrictions not deeming it essential or necessary?

    Sure I'll just put everything in the salt barrel outside to preserve it.

    Also something not many pointed out during the last 7 week lockdown.

    Try spot a politician who hasn't had a haircut for 6 weeks.

    Try spot the same over the next 5 weeks. Won't happen. All perfectly groomed.

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    Well it was going to happen at some stage.

    But as you say, how will the scientists react to this with their still, very much in progress vaccines.

    Just as last years flu vaccine won't be much help with this years flu, will it be a similar situation
    with Covid if you start getting different strains?

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