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Thread: Covid-19 Pandemic

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    Ah my Dad has been talking for weeks about how we didn't really need to stop golf and how much it sucks that he's more than 5k from the golf club.

    People need things they enjoy. There's very little I would scoff at right now. Golf, dungeons and dragons, rallying... whatever gives people a morsel of joy.

    I'm level 172 in Fortnite. I'm a grown man ffs.
    "All the finesse of a badger." (cdiv)

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    I've been flat out on Modern Warfare and Assetto Corsa.

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    I was out golfing today, my course limits us to 9 holes at a time and you can only play twice during the week and once at a weekend for now. I was surprised at how many empty slots there were on the online booking system, so for now it appears that the 5km limit is being adhered to for the most part by our membership.

    As regards playing, I was hitting two and in some cases three balls onto the green just to try to get a nice shot. We neither caught up on, nor got got caught up on even with the slow play. I was delighted to be out, even the rain didn't bother me. Yes the rules for the moment could be better, and head over to broads for the full washout of all argurements, but while people are still dieing and whole sectors are still shuttered I'll take the casual no pressured 9 holes to ease back into things.

    I'm done on the odd jobs at home, I'm all caught up on all the long finger jobs too, I have nothing else to be doing so I'll be taking up all the slots I can. I also volunteered to be a marshall as the club has to have people making sure players are abiding by the protocols.

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    He didnt have an issue with tee times, in fact his club was on the RTE national news and players interviewed. It was getting there in the insane traffic that spooked him since he has underlying health issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJ View Post
    I'm fairly sure NPHET didn't write any golf rules...

    EDIT - yeah the Golfers union of Ireland prepared the protocol.
    You just can't please any golfers - best movie scene ever!

    Horrified at the ques at Woddies today with only the odd person wearing a mask and very iffy social distancing. Expecting a spike now with all this carelessness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunk View Post

    I had my first experience with Covid Nazis today .. <snip>

    To any normal person, this behaviour is so clearly ridiculous and lacking any element of common sense it shouldn't need commenting on, but the worst part about it is they are hypocrites (like pretty much all issue-Nazis). Both of the members in question live way more than 5km from our course, so far from being principled they were just being selective in which of the rules they felt were acceptable for them to break.
    Whaaat? Authoritarian rule sticklers playing Golf? Whoda thunk it? ..but clearly I'm not a golfer

    I'd say don't let it get under your skin, you are going to see some strange behaviour. Putting people in touch with their mortality will do that.

    Quote Originally Posted by SJ View Post
    I'm level 172 in Fortnite. I'm a grown man ffs.
    You should be playing Super Mario Odyssey like a grownup.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alfaguy View Post
    Horrified at the ques at Woddies today with only the odd person wearing a mask and very iffy social distancing..
    Please tell me you donned the full riot gear again.

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    Does anyone know the situation with anti-body testing in Ireland or Europe in general?

    Looks to be readily accessible now in the US. I'd fancy a go if it was easy to get.

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    Ha. Readily accessible.

    A highly specific test is necessary to prevent false positive results. The first one was approved in the UK on Thursday.

    The WHO has advised against the use of rapid antibody tests in any setting (except research settings), including for decision-making, until evidence supporting their use for specific indications is available.
    "All the finesse of a badger." (cdiv)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunk View Post
    I played golf today and the social distancing rules are so utterly, utterly preposterous, there are not enough words in the whole of the internets to describe my contempt for the people who drew them up.

    Golf is the practical definition of a socially distanced outdoor sport. The notion that if tee times are only 10 minutes apart we can only have a single person in the group or else risk catastrophe is absurd, and was obviously written by someone who doesn't even know what golf is. I queued with around 100 people on Saturday morning to get into my local Tescos, but each 50 acre hole on a golf course can only have a single person walking down it every 10 minutes?
    Sounds a bit ridiculous all right. 50 acres ffs - we were out for a couple of treks round the local course during the shutdown, and the four of us on mountain-bikes were able to keep well away from each other. A bit tight on some of the greens at times, but generally plenty of space.

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    My gym has just msgd saying as per government guidelines they are reopening the end of June. I had a look but I cant see it on the phases? Seeing as south korea posted data linking cluster outbreaks to gyms does anyone know if this is possible or are they jumping the gun?

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