Ionity, owned by the German car manufacturers and is building a very impressive European charger network, has announced its new pay per use pricing at a mere 79c per kWh. That translates to about €17-€24 per 100km which compares quite nicely to the roughly €20 per 100km that it costs to drive a 5.5l V8 petrol.

Details here:

Someone somewhere must have hit his or her head because surely... the idea is to get people to switch to EVs if you're a manufacturer supported charger network? I'm guessing maybe that the manufacturers will somehow bundle in Ionity with the purchase of the car just like Tesla does with the superchargers but still eventually you will need to pay once off the initial deal.

The good news is that this has created a brilliant business case for driving around in a V8. I didn't exactly expect that in the midst of a climate crisis.