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Thread: Cayman/Boxster back to a 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    Is that right?

    I seen a 718 Cayman at Terenure Show and the tax disc said €500 or €700 and something,my memory might be playing tricks though ��

    Maybe it changed under new WLTP rules.
    well I just checked and 191 to 225 is 1200euro... open to correction...

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    Yep your right Mick,the S is 194g/km for DSG and 210 for the manual.

    I must have seen the regular Cayman at the show.

    Either way it's good to see Porsche putting the 6 cylinder back in.
    Pity they wont be too common here,as usual.

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    If anyone feels like taking a break from the CO2 numbers and the tax rates, this is the Porsche promo video for the 4.0 GTSs:

    I must find myself on that road in something interesting at some point.
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    I wonder where that road is?

    It looks very similar to the one in Henry Catchpoles video on the 981 GTS from a few years ago.

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    It's Col de Turini as far as I know. It's not that road on Majorca that Catchpole used.
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    With a bit of luck a French Porsche dealer will include the Boxster GTS in their experience Porsche rental programme and it can all come together.
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    I wonder will this mean that Porsche might revive the idea of a smaller sub-boxster car with a four pot?

    It was mooted before but the 4 pot boxster sort of meant there was no room in the range really.

    The latest Boxster/Cayman seem quite big for what they are now and I think something more Elise/Alpine sized would be cool.

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    I'd say they are more likely to do more jeeps and crossovers and things that people actually want more than a cheaper price point for sports cars.

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    This GTS was well flagged. It's been mentioned by dealers, hinted at by Porsche, and talked about on forums for about six months. There is no talk about any lower end Porsche which makes me think there's none. The next product is the GT4 RS which has obviously been seen on the Nurburgring as a nice little teaser. And after that, it's the electric Macan. And the usual fifty gazillion 911 variants with microscopic differences that each warrant about 50 YouTube videos each and much debate about how much want they generate while Porsche pats the parts bin in satisfaction.

    You don't see it so much in Ireland but the Macan is a mega seller and I'm sure an electric version of it will be huge seller too. This is what Porsche is actually about these days.
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    Having driven a couple of 718s, I really liked the 4-pot. It did not sound as nice as an N/A 6 but it was a great motor & chassis combination. Quite possibly the perfect daily driver if you could live with a small sports car.

    This though is next level. The Cayman chassis coupled with that engine and what will be an spine-tingling exhaust note - I don't care about the new 911 now, give me one of these.
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