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Thread: Current best Dashcam?

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    Current best Dashcam?

    After several recent attempts of N drivers to come together with me, I think it's time for a dashcam for self protection.

    I fitted a basic but decent NEXTBASE 522GW Series 2 on my sons car (£140 on amazon) and it works, but no one is going to mistake the video for a professional production.

    Any current views on the best option?

    I suppose the point of a dashcam is not to tell the colour of someones eyes (or their reg other than ideal conditions) but more to give a general idea of who broke the stop sign/ red light/ white line, etc.

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    I've got the Auto-Vox X1 Pro and Auto-Vox X2 dash cams.

    These are rear-view mirror replacement or clip on cams and also have a reverse cam. 1296p front, 720p rear.

    They also have build in-GPS, but don't show any of that data in the video.

    Here is a sample:

    The video is obviously downscaled to 1080p, as Google doesn't support 1296p native. But the quality is excellent. And while it may be hard to read the number plates in that footage, they're crisp clear in the raw feed.

    The telemetry is something I have added myself from the integrated GPS feed. I got the guy developing exiftool to add support for extracting the gps data from the video feed as a standalone gpx file, so I don't have to use Auto-Vox own crummy software.

    They are not cheap. Around 250-300 EUR. But well worth it.

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    Recent Autoexpress review ....

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    We have a few Blackvue Dr750S in our family.
    Does the job for us.
    I’ve the older version myself the last 2 years, no issues.

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    I've an apeman one I bought on Amazon for about 60 quid front and rear, 170 degree angle, has been pretty good but I've not needed it properly. What do the expensive branded ones do better?

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    The expensive ones will have for example GPS build in for data like speed and exact time/date.

    In the case of the Auto-Vox, it also has a G-sensor, that senses if for example somebody hits your car in a carpark and starts recording.

    It also has a reverse wire, so when i engage reverse gear it automatically switches into reverse view with parking lines.

    That and that image quality can be very hit and miss with the cheap ones. 1080p is not equal 1080p and where they even more differ is how they do at night.


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    I’ve the Nextbase 522gw Front and rear hard wired with parking mode. It works fine but yes your expectations need to be in the right place regarding video quality. If something hits you it will read the reg day or night but you won’t see them so on oncoming cars at speed but do you even need to?

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    I've a cheap and cheerful YI Dashcam installed in the BMW. Hardwired using a modified oem glovebox torch so that it will run for a few minutes after I exit the car. I've another one for the rear view, but I've to install a 12v boot socket for it. The Yi has a pretty decent spec, with G sensor and built-in WiFi meaning that I can connect to it with my phone and download any files without needing to remove the micro SD card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick View Post always, save your money and buy this instead;
    Why not have both?

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