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Thread: General Election 2020 - Sat 8th Feb

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    General Election 2020 - Sat 8th Feb

    Let it all out here.

    I love a General Election the way others might regard the hurling or the drink. For what it's worth, my prediction is a Fianna Fail uplift as the votes that were loaned to Fine Gael come back to the catch-all party. Not sure they'd be keen on another spell of C&S. I'd see the Greens gaining, Labour & SF in steady state. Rainbow Coalition anyone?

    The Dail is gaining 2 seats and we're losing a few significant TDs - Enda Kenny ('Father of the Dail'), Gerry Adams, Michael Noonan, Finian McGrath, Willie Penrose, Martin Ferris amongst others.

    Plus Shane Ross, hopefully.
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    If Shane Ross could just disappear that would be a good thing. The rest, I do not know. Most likely FG will lose seats due to homelessness "crisis" etc.
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    Already got targeted by a Leo Varadkar sponsored ad on Instagram

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    It's funny how a discussion about Irish politics is always about the result, not what the parties stand for in terms of policy and not some stuff that happened 100 years ago.

    I have yet to understand in any election what the differences are if any. Some are arrogant, some want to dish out free iPhones, some want "new politics" whatever the hell that is, some are Republican (vs what?), etc etc etc. I just can't relate to this stuff. So if anyone has figured this out, I'd be interested in a brief summary. Oh and if you think any of them will actually achieve anything of note, I'd be interested in that too.
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    I'm annoyed it's on a Saturday. I'm away that weekend which now means I either drive a 4 hour round trip just to cast a vote or else I don't get to vote which I'm not keen on.

    Health care (even more than usual) and homelessness will likely be the main issues I reckon. Hopefully Shane Ross gets demoted to bin man or something.

    As for where my vote would go, I have no idea. I don't see any stand out options.

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    I have switched off all election stuff / info already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfaguy View Post
    I have switched off all election stuff / info already.
    How unusual given your huge interest in elections in USA. Can you explain that?

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    Something something late for the gym
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    I fall into the cohort DMZ mentions as I don’t really delve into party policy or have an in depth knowledge of what they stand for. All I know is that I live in Leo’s constituency and my kids go to the same school he did and his nieces and nephews currently attend. Therefore I like to believe he will look after his own and it makes sense to have the top man on your side.

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