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Thread: General Election 2020 - Sat 8th Feb

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    A funny thing is that being in government is seen as a poisoned chalice. FG has said no, Labour has said no, and FF don’t look too interested either. I guess the parties in the know have a good handle on there being no easy options but many voters want easy options so hard to come out from a period in government looking good. Better to regroup in opposition.

    I think it’ll be option 1 eventually but let’s see. Maybe it was answered already but is there a deadline before a new election is called?
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    Combined FF/FG vote in 2007 was 69%, 2011 was 53%, 2016 was 50%, now 43% of FPV with a low rate of transfers that was actually shocking to a certain degree. Their core vote is 55+ and those folk unfortunately die off real quick as the DUP has discovered, so the demographic tide is going out for them as well.

    FF/FG (and let’s just all be adults and call that coalition govt now) have four years really need to get their fingers out of their hole and figure out how to get back on side with the two generations they knifed, Gen Bust and Gen Rent. The issues that have brought them to an unprecedented low have to be dealt with.

    As for which of the two might actually reinvent itself and come out of this, well to be fair I think FG are ideologically a lot stronger compared to FF but the mistake FG made was to think that social progress like SSM and Shmischmortion would allow them to be seen as social democrats by the younger members of the electorate. To fair they are not getting any credit for Brexit but seems domestic issues trump Statesmanship.
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    I was going to write earlier that Fine Gael should rebrand, move on from the civil war, go for a modern pitch away from the property/bank tedium, and see where that takes them. The others can chase the people looking for handouts and basking in misery, they’re not voting FG in any event. It would certainly shake things up.
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    Haven't read the whole thread, but that's not the daftest thing I've heard. FG sucks up the centre/centre right vote - SF hoovers up the left and you have a viable left-right option, and sensible two party politics with the left keeping a close eye on the right and vice versa. Has to come - the steady flow of wealth to the middle-aged, middle and greater income demographic isn't sustainable.

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    The funny thing is that everyone wants the same thing. A health service that works, affordable homes, jobs, schools, better transport, and lower taxes [for themselves]. I think the only difference is around a United Ireland the rest is pretty much +-. You’d think a government “in the national interest” of whoever and whoever could sit down and figure this out.
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    The difference is that the Shinners have a different vision of the kind of country they want. They talk about things that are peripheral to get votes. So a government in the national interest means something completely different to a Slab Fein led government. It isn't really all about housing and health for them.

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    And Sinn Fein (and their supporters) will claim that FF/FG/Labour have an agenda as well that suits the establishment, the banks, the wealthy, the landlords, ... It seems to mostly boil down to the perception of the agenda but not what needs doing. Or perhaps who should pay for the agenda, ie everyone other than me aka "fairness". Actually I haven't heard people talk about "fairness" in a while, has that gone out of fashion now?
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    No everyone talks about their entitlements not their responsibilities. I would gladly pay extra tax which was specifically designated for youth educational opportunities or paying more to nurses. I actually think I am OK with the bargain that I pay 57% if you add it all up (before VAT etc) for stability and democracy. The thing is I don't think I get value based on the trolley experiences and a lot more. And if it wasn't for the fact that Sinn Fein take their orders from the Army Council and are basically a terrorist mafia gang in a party frock I would actually think of giving them my vote in the hope that if I get charged more, it might actually improve things.

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    Red C Poll:

    Preferred Coalition

    SF Led Left Gov’t: 28%
    FF/FG/Other: 28%
    SF/FF/Other: 21%
    Another Election: 16%
    Linden Village/Don’t know: 7%

    Sample: 3,700
    11-14 Feb 2020
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    The real issue that has decimated youth wealth and prosperity has been the slow demolition of the unions for the past 40 years and some restrictive employment laws.

    When I was 16 I started working my summer holidays in hotels sometimes getting home after 2am. You can't do that now - have to be over 18 to work nights. Without those jobs I would never even have been able to do the leaving as my parents would not give me the money for the books and wanted me to leave school and do an apprenticeship even though any woodwork I did ended up in splinters on the floor.

    Same when I started working - first job - no union I got £13 a week which I eventually managed to get up to £30 after a promotion. Next job with a union I was getting £150 a week - upped to £200 after I got promoted in that job.

    There is just no incentive or reward for hard work and perseverance these days. Its all temporary contracts and flexible hours. How is anybody going to get a loan for anything let alone a house with that job description.

    Only places with decent unions these days are public servants - teachers etc. Unions in the private sector have all but vanished.

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