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Thread: Wanted- 80's Mercedes/bmw

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    Wanted- 80's Mercedes/bmw

    Hi all,
    on the hunt for an 80's Mercedes w126/w124/c124 if anyone knows of any nice ones about. Would love a Bmw but very little in my budget, looking to spend 4k or so. As a left field choice I've a bit of a fondness for a Volvo 740/760.


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    Good luck. You still in the motor trade? I'd a family member grow tired of looking for a W126 last year. Most in Ireland had rot issues, and some expensive mechanical issues, despite all looking extremely well presented inside and out. So they moved to C124's in an effort to avoid the rot. Which didn't work for them either. Any C124's they looked at were rotten in the floors or the sills. They ended up with a very nice W201 2.0 auto which has been very well minded and maintained which they're happy with.
    They just gave up all hope on 126s and 124s after going through nearly 20 cars, privately and at dealers.

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    There asking big money for rusty cars it seems in that case.

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    Indeed, 8-10k in many cases. For extremely well presented cars hiding some horror beneath the sheen.
    One example, which was priced just below 9k in a specialist dealer and came with a current NCT;

    Anyhow, not to derail the thread - just a case of eyes wide open etc
    Sound 126s and 124s seem to be scarce.

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    Yeah the while idea may be a bit ambitious.. hoping for a hidden gem.
    Am also allowing some funds for repairs as I know it'll need something.
    Don't want to end up traipsing all over the country to see rotten ones!

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    @deltona yes still in the 'trade' for my sins!

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    If you are looking for a 124 then go for the prefacelift as they have better metal and paint.
    Deadly Dave

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    Thanks for the tip Dave.
    Enquired about a 1989 300ce on Facebook market place or whatever with 110kms for 3.5k,
    which actually has over 300k miles on the clock!

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    I have an 88 300CE for about 25 years. There has been very little rust over the years. The engine is a smooth straight six with a four speed auto. I have a few mods done to mine and she makes a nice driveable classic.
    Deadly Dave

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    Deadly Dave

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