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Thread: We've done some housekeeping

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    We've done some housekeeping

    Desmo made a small suggestion on making the Pushbike forum broader and include various outdoorsy activities and all that. This got us thinking that we haven't really changed anything to do with the forums since a time when cars were about driving and not connecting to the internet.

    Obviously these days everything runs on the same MLB platform with an engine from Mercedes, Peugeot, or a Bosch washing machine so having a separate forum for every country that makes a car was beginning to look a bit silly. We also noticed that a lot of the "specialist" forums were actually primarily used as a log for cars that members own and sometimes more generic and interesting threads would be buried in Bork bork bork (even if I'm struggling to think of one right now admittedly) so we decided to make a few simplifications in this area.

    Then looking a bit closer we realised that there were a few forums that seemed to kind of be about the same thing, specifically Technical Issues, Projects, and Foundry, so we decided to merge these.

    And despite Steveirl's best efforts to keep us entertained with V12s, there's no denying that EVs are now becoming part of the mainstream so we've decided to effectively move that forum into R-Roads. I know this is going to hurt a lot of the petrolheads out there but we need to move with the times folks. There's always the Classic Car forum if you're unsure about the modern world and where it's going.

    The upshot of all of this...

    All existing threads have been moved somewhere, nothing has been deleted. We may give out a special prize if you can ever find them again. Only joking.

    R-Road is now the new home of the old EV forum and the old Welcome forum.
    The Shed is a combination of Technical Issues, Projects, and Foundry.
    Pride and Joy is a combination of all the old specialist forums. Please use this to continue to update your own car threads and use R-Roads for all other generic content.
    Lifestyle is the old Pushbike forum and it should now be used for all your adventure pursuits and fitness and all that.

    If you want an existing thread moved based on the above eg you have an ownership thread sitting in R-Roads that you would now like in Pride and Joy, ping one of the admins or moderators and we'll tidy it up.

    Hopefully you will enjoy the more simplified forum setup.
    I'm with the resistance

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    I think ‘you’ should add an optional fund/contribute button to help cover some of the costs and stress involved in keeping the doors open , before it becomes a drain...

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    +1 on the above re funding.

    Way better, keeps things more tight hopefully increasing community.

    Could there be a like function in a future refresh to add the ability to like posts.

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    Fair play to all involved!
    We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcro View Post
    Fair play to all involved!
    Yes absolutely agree.
    Much more streamlined looking.

    I probably don't post as much as I used to as a lot of the track day stuff sort of moved to WhatsApp.
    But I visit this place everyday it sort of feels like internet home.

    I would love to contribute as the effort you guys put in is appreciated.

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    Good work backroads team.

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    The tidy up looks great DMZ and philb

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    I just hit "new posts" every log in lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eoin View Post
    I just hit "new posts" every log in lol!
    Me too, but the new look is super!

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