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Thread: What’s your car buzz?

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    What’s your car buzz?

    We’re not a car enthusiast country and it’s becoming increasingly less socially acceptable to have anything resembling a performance car or enjoy them on our roads.

    So my question to the country’s minority of petrolheads is what do to get your car related kicks from?

    Is it the occasional trackday or is it show and shine meets? Or do you get enough personal satisfaction looking and knowing you own something tasty? And is that enough or do you feel that enthusiasm is waning?

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    I have an ornamental in the garage that I collect parts for pay storage fees and take the bus.

    It's a fast car if it ever becomes road legal again.

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    And do you get a buzz from restoring it or is it just a labour of love?

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    Nothing quite like a twisty backroad hoon!
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    The main thing i enjoy about the show and shine type events is the thing i'd enjoy about cars and coffee, just talking to people about their cars and the enthusiasm they have for it - doesn't matter if they went in and bought the best of the best or did and nut and bolt restoration over 5 years - neither is more/less of an enthusiast.

    The things i enjoy most are driving days/road trips we've done a few around the Wild Atlantic way on autostadt (great craic), there was one organised on this forum (or pistonheads can't remember) around Wicklow years ago that was also good fun.

    I've been around the 'ring in a daily and while it's great fun it's still your daily, so there is always that thought of how will i get to work/tescos etc if i put this in the gravel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingers View Post
    And do you get a buzz from restoring it or is it just a labour of love?
    Love of doing it and learning.

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    Cool! Want to tell us what it is?

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    At the moment I’m just enjoying cold evenings when I can get some clear road and hear some induction noise. I feel quite lucky that I have something nice to drive while my diesel commuter wagon is broken.

    I also had the car ceramic coated and keeping it clean has become so easy that I’m getting some good kicks out of just looking back at it after parking it.

    I’m looking forward to getting my project car back from the panel bearers also so that I can whack it back together and track it/drive it hard.

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    Interesting timing Kingers as I was discussing this at C&C on Sunday, I find as I've gotten older my buzz has changed from toys that are stupid low, loud, slidey and don't work to things that just work. My free time is spent with family commitments so I don't have the tinkering time I used to and probably the enthusaiasm to get things wrong.
    I live in town I refer to as 'PCP'ville', everything is new and shiny, I like my cars to be to opposite to them - give them to me old and fast and I'm happy.

    So I guess my buzz is practical performance, I'm surrounded by great roads so a hoon on the twisties in a competant daily is my buzz.

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    At the moment, I don't have anything fun on the road, so two things really

    - Finishing my garage, got my electrics in, floor next, then I can start pulling my Cappuccino apart for resto.
    - Collecting 1/64 and 3-inch (i.e. Hot Wheels/Matchbox/Majorette) toy cars, which is an oddly addictive rabbit hole to get sucked into. Yeah, it's not the proper buzz of going for a spin, but it's like being a tiny Jay Leno, without the guilt or hassle of hoarding actual cars.

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