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Thread: A Garda Whistleblower's Story

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    I dunno - seems a bit of a simplistic solution. These issues are not unique to just the Gardai and seem to permeate many other police forces. All it takes is one weak man at the top to allow juniors to form cliques and inner circles or form unhealthy relationships with wealthy local businessmen. Then a load of sh1t is inevitably going to happen.

    Also was there not an investigation last year in relation to more corruption in Killarney where every Garda was interviewed about receiving vouchers from "the hospitality trade". Never heard the outcome of that one.
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    I read the whole thing last week. Pretty horrifying but not surprising. I remember years ago my brother who lives there and used to work in that area of work telling me of the corruption down there. I remember the Healy-Raes having their plant hire business where they were consistently getting the local council contracts and their machinery being "on hire" for months on end without even doing any work. Rotten to the core down there.

    Sent the Garda story to my friend in the Guards (also in the Guards in Cork) and even though the Guard in question in the story seems to have alot of integrity, my friends opinion of him is that "he's a rat, whinging and moaning about places selling a few drinks after hours, and naming and shaming his fellow Garda so he can't be trusted".

    This is what you're up against, even though the same guy says he hates working in the Guards as the morale is non-existent.

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