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Thread: A Garda Whistleblower's Story

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    A Garda Whistleblower's Story

    Not sure if anyone has seen these posts but they seem to have gone viral down in this part of the country. I've always heard that stuff like this was going on but if the scale of it is true as told here it's a bit crazy.

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    Doesn't surprise me.

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    Pity to hear that bullying is still going on. I recall one "in service" (week long course of on the job training) class which we used to do annually and the anti bullying policy was the topic of the morning to be discussed / instructed on and the instructor began with an opening statement jokingly saying that bullying never happens here (Kerry) "I never saw it happen" but apparently some think its a problem up the country so he has to effectively go through the motions of instructing us on it and reading the policy - followed by class laughter.

    I was appalled at the dismissive nature the instructor was giving to the policy and let him know my opinion of it in no uncertain terms.

    Its this refusal to acknowledge or even discuss the problem at all even by Garda rank members let alone superintendents etc that leads people to feel isolated and allows the spread of unfettered bullying and harassment. Of course the representative organisations are also heavily complicit by their inaction on the subject.

    I had suspected that in the post Garda McCabe world the life of the ordinary Garda must have become miserable but even I can't find any information on it even though I have attended many Garda functions post retirement. Its like a frightening secret code - see no evil - hear no evil while all those victims continue to suffer alone and in silence.

    I don't see things improving under Drew Harris who seems to have adopted the Larry Wren policy of intimidation and terror.

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    The blog thing seems to be about things that happened about 10 years ago so probably easy enough to dismiss. Why not just take a bunch of photos after hours of a pub that doesn't have whatever permissions are required and do it for a week or two and send it off to the Garda whistleblower and sit back? If that doesn't work, send them anonymously to some local newspaper. Surely it's not that difficult to raise awareness of something as trivial as licence abuse?
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    A lot of the apathy relating to licencing laws and even drunken driving has its root cause in having a district Judge who lets say liked his pint and so made little effort to hide his frown on such prosecutions coming before his court. The conviction rate is reflective of this. Thankfully he has since been removed.

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    Things like conviction rates, it’s such an easy thing to track and question. You’d wonder if any real analysis or audit is done on this. I’m guessing not. What was he saying, a 3% conviction rate or some such? That should surely raise alarms?
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    Of course this judge was famously known for his use of the court poor box so while no conviction may have been recorded it does not necessarily mean that no penalty applied. In a lot of cases there is a plea and the poor box or probation act is applied.

    But I was a sergeant in Killarney from 2005 - 2008 and what he says about the toxic work environment and the shenanigan's re the army council etc is sadly true.

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    Time to dismantle the Gardai and build a new police service. It's no longer fit for purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crank_case View Post
    Time to dismantle the Gardai and build a new police service. It's no longer fit for purpose.
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