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Thread: Work bench?

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    Work bench?

    After moving into new house two months ago I finally pulled my escort rs turbo into the garage. Its a small single car garage but have some space in the corner for a small work bench to hold my vice. I have about 1m of wall to use. So Im wondering what people are doing for work benches/tables? Buying them? Making them?

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    You can get stainless units for that, or use a kitchen counter as they are strong.

    I think most others will be too big for a single car garage.

    Stainless stuff can be thin and so unless you get the right type it might not last the vise. The kitchen counter will be cheap or free.

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    It would be handy enough to knock one up yourself. Go into a kitchen supply place and see if they have any off cuts or ends of counter they won't be using. I bought a metre section for about €20 I think a few years back. If you search for garage work bench plans you will find loads of easy enough stuff.

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    Yea seems the best way to do it alright

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    My Dad made one for me out of timber he had lying around. And it gave him something to do. The thing is indestructible!
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    I made mine from 2x4s which were left over from shuttering the shed base. But they are cheap anyway. Topped with inch marine ply. I can't find the exact plans I used but its similar to this
    Ensure that you mock it up a little bit to see what height and depth works for you.
    I added more screws and some extra braces and its very solid.

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    Work bench?

    Home made us the way to go. Built just how you like it.

    Built not bought.



    Finished: (Almost)

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    Richey- love that - Ill need to learn to weld first ha

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    After getting two legs which should save me a lot of hassle. 33 euro delivered (got them off amazon with prime)

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