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Thread: 191 i30N performance

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    191 i30N performance

    Well I taught I might as well start a thread on my daily/family car. In january 2019, after looking at different hot hatches for over 6 months, I traded in my 2015 2.0 tdi VRS Octavia hatch and went for a new Performance Blue i30N.

    Absolutely love the car. Ticks so many boxes for me. I will type up a more in dept write up on why i went for it over everything else.



    I spent the next few weeks running it in.


    I particular love the way the paint changes colour in different lighting.


    I will have the car one year this month. Still to this date I have not gotten bored of it, or lost interest nor have I found anything that particularly bothers me. People approaching me for a chat about when I'm getting fuel is a regular occurance! Every drive in and out of work is a laugh.

    Ill update the thread with more pictures

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    Some more photos

    I took the 2nd hyundai badge off and got new reg surrounds.

    Some random photos

    I bumped into another i30n one day while shopping.

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    That looks lovely. Nice colour choice too. Ive seen a red one near me a few times and sounds great as its driven as intended.

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    That's awesome. Fair play. There was one with us yesterday on our spin up the Vee. They sound deadly

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    Cool car, and love that colour.

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    There are a couple of these about Dublin and every time is see one i think..... Smart choice...... Well wear....

    One of the kids in my sons schools dad has one..... Make a nice noise in a sea of diesel crap every morning...

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    I was only a passenger in a test drive in one of these, some lovely pops and bang from it though. Love the Supra.
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    These are on my list for the CLS's replacement this year
    They still hold their value given the prices secondhand. Not sure coming from a merc it would be though i know not to compare like for like.

    Yours looks lovely

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    Lovely looking example and the best colour in them. How many miles have you put up in the year ? Any issues ?

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