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Thread: Just cause you spend the money dont expect service

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    Just cause you spend the money dont expect service

    I'm sure most people on here has a few tales of bad customer service in daily life and no doubt dealing with cars and garages over the years.

    But I think this video from JayEmm about McLaren just shows that even though you can spend several hundred thousand doesn't necessarily mean you'll get treated any better.

    I've read a few stories about McLaren and their suspect ways of customer service,which by all accounts is be far and away the worst part of owning one of their cars.

    The fella who was dealing with McLaren in this video has the patience of a saint,having to deal with constant cockups,lack of information,bad repairs,parts of the car not working and an angry salesman.

    The video is over 40 minutes but you'll watch it all,plus see when McLaren deliver another customers car to him by mistake after getting repaired!!

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    Wasn't Enzo Ferrari pretty much contemptuous of his customers back in the day? hence the lore of how Lamborghini got started...

    Different times mind you, and Ferraris cars were not as mainstream as now.

    I believe when Tony Crook used to run Bristol, he might even refuse to sell you a car, though probably treated you well once you were "in"

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    Ruined my dream of P1 ownership....

    Shocking from start to end.
    I would have just handed both cars back and bought something else.

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    If ever you needed a signal that we are at the end of the latest economic cycle; sales men high on coke, treating customers like dirt because cheap and easy finance means the next sucker is just around the corner. To be honest, I'm shocked that they gave the dealer so much room to exploit them, especially given that Jayemm was their "car consultant". Fools and money, as they say.

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    Any car that can't be left out in the rain without causing it to break down is not fit for purpose anyway.

    All the new cars I got I was given the VIP treatment - except for my Alfa GT. That dealer is now closed down and 15 years later it still clouds my opinion of buying a new Alfa Romeo.

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    A buddy of mine in London ordered a new 458. His description of the treatment he got from his local Ferrari dealership was quite funny (for me). They were basically doing him a favour by selling him a car and treated him like dirt. He didn't have any issues once he got the car it should be pointed out.
    I'm with the resistance

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    Half tempted to click but decided I'm not about to waste 40 mins of my life to watch some guy moaning about poor service when he can afford to buy a McLaren. First world problem.....

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    Indeed, the question should be why they kept coming back for more.

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    I guess on some occasions you want something so much that your prepared to put up with some crap in order to get it.

    But yeah I would guess 99% of people would have just handed back the keys (that wouldn't open the car anyway!!).
    There are no positives for McLaren out of this story anyway.
    First world problems and all that...

    I know someone who owns a 458 in London.
    The gearbox went,luckily for them just a few days before the warranty was up and it took Ferrari several months to get it sorted.

    They were just not interested,from what he told me the car just sat in a corner for ages before he lost the head with them and finally they sorted it.

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    I reckon the high end car world is honey for the opportunistic, the spoofers, the chancers and shady types in general. There's a recent court case where a dealer is being taken to court for failing to supply an allegedly promised gearbox on a 46 million 250GTO

    If anything, eye watering amounts of cash and wealthy customers increase the incentive to screw people over.
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