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Thread: JDM rally cars have a chat...

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    JDM rally cars have a chat...

    Ray 'slipsliderg' popped over for a 90's rally car chat!

    We let the white goods reminisce for a while side by side

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    The Mitsubishi is simply stunning with those Compmotive wheels!

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    Two cool looking machines. Brings back memories of the WRC.

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    Hard to believe theses are almost 30 year old cars!

    They are a credit to you both.

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    Reminds me of the time the mother could finally get a washer and a dryer....

    Just kidding, looks awesome

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    Great to catch up with you again Miller, loved your car since you started working on it. Your car looks better in the skin than the pictures show. Great to have the two legends together and a good car chat, some cars are never worth moving on, I think both of these deserve a long life of care and neglect in equal doses.

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    The white Comps are the icing on the cake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prophead View Post
    Hard to believe theses are almost 30 year old cars!
    True, and I feel nothings really satisfactorily replaced the 90s stuff for grassroots enthusiasts, it seems to me the younger generation of enthusiasts would still aspire to a lot of stuff that was contemporary for me back in the day. It'd be a bit like if the 2000s car scene was dominated by MGBs and Healey Sprites.

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    Great thread, I had so much want for these as a teen... great work lads.
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    Both stunning cars
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