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Thread: Top or Bottom Exhaust Tips

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    Top or Bottom Exhaust Tips

    As the title says, top or bottom exhaust tips?

    Quick opinion on what people think, Im really leaning towards to single ends like the bottom pic.

    Fits the rear diffuser much better.

    And names of anyone who would do it?? Exhaust works said nope

    Exhaust by Shane Kennedy, on Flickr
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Bottom for sure.
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    Bottom one, definitely

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    Definitely the bottom ones

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    Bottom one looks right, would you not get something like a Ragazzon exhaust, can get them like that.

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    Try Souhans,
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    Single always! Looks way better.

    Dunlaoghaire motor worx, Big Al used to make power flow exhaust years ago.
    Maybe try him?

    He made one for my Impreza years ago and he is a perfectionist with all his work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    Try Souhans,
    Wouldn’t be a patch on exhaust works.

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    Bottom for sure, and wasn't too impressed with Souhans when I used them, and similar with my dad for DPF work, plus they aren't that cheap

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    The same singles definitely. The twins look odd, don't fill out the opening properly.

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    Older but no wiser.

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