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Thread: Yaris GR and GR4

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    Quote Originally Posted by llcoolmac View Post
    I'm pretty certain I will be ordering one of these next year. It's a bona-fide classic in the making. Be crazy not to buy one of I can afford it.

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    That’s the spirit, no one on here is going to say it’s a bad idea

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    You could buy 2 TVRís though... just sayin...
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    You could buy 2 TVRís though... just sayin...
    There are some very compelling arguments being made here tonight. I don't see how the missus could argue with any of this.

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    If they could offer financing at attractive rates I reckon they'd sell a lot more.

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    Are they even offering any finance options or deals on these?

    I get the feeling Toyota Ireland aren't too bothered if they sell any or not.
    Or maybe certain dealers are better than others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fasterfitz View Post
    Why not!

    combined with a power bump to 305ish will take it around 250+ hp/tonne.

    The mission is to try make it as quick as the mcoupe round Mondello.

    Mcoupe is 1380kg, so should be in the ball park. But that car punches above its weight, so itís an ambitious plan, all in the name of a bit of crack really
    Whatís the target lap time Fitz?

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    Any car that you can drive to the track & lap all day in the mid sixties then drive home via the offie to grab a few beers to disect the trackday is my kinda fun Kingers. Outright lap times move around so much because of traffic, weather, track and tyre conditions on any particular day, you know yourself!!

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    there are rumours circulating that order book is closing in some European countries and in some cases toyota saying they cant guarantee orders placed now, seems a bit strange

    toyota ireland will probably be the last to find out

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    I see carwow have a Litchfield mapped one up against a standard one. For the benefits of that extra bit of pep, not sure I'd be that interested. It's interesting to see how little difference in reality the extra power makes. With a new car with unproven reliability, I'd want to hold on tight to my warranty. Less of a concern probably for others.

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    Reliability has crossed my mind too. I know it's a Toyota but it's an impressive output for a 1.6L 3cylinder. It must be a fairly stressed engine

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