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Thread: Yaris GR and GR4

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    Yaris GR and GR4

    Haven't really seen this mentioned here much yet so I said I'll start a thread. I am more excited for this car than any car of the last 10 years. This looks like it will be completely mental. A modern Escort Cosworth or Delta Integrale. Rumours of a 260bhp 3 cylinder, 6 speed manual gear box with rear biased 4 wheel drive weighing only 1200kg. All built on a totally bespoke gr-4 only 3 door body. I never thought I'd see a car like this made again.

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    Now that is pretty cool.

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    It'll be awesome, but given the cost of the previous 2wd GR, it'll probably be insane money.

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    It does look mental and for the first time in probably 20 plus years the WRC has led to an actual road car that potentially packs a real punch.

    But if Toyota can open the cheque book to produce something as crazy as this,over 200hp,wide arch,4wd in a Yaris!!! why couldn't they do their own thing a little bit more with the Supra...

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    Saw it on pistonheads, they'd been talks about some mental Yaris coming based on their rally cars awhile ago. This thing has cult status written all over it! Great to see a homologation type car being made again, the last one I can think of was the BMW 320si. Be interesting to see pricing.

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    i saw one of these prototypes while i was in Japan in September. cool looking things!
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    I'd say at a wild guess we're talking Focus RS money for one of these?

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    Never to be seen in Ireland as it'l be over €2k road tax I'd say

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