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Thread: Cleats help

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    Cleats help

    I need a bit of assistance here, I've actually never used cleats. I do prefer the wraparounds but with the new bike I'm thinking of putting them on. The issue is if I look them up there are different shapes and designs so is it a case the shoe fittings are universal or do I need a specific shoe for a specific cleat?

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    No. Any shoe should fit any cleat&pedal system.

    Well, within reason. Mtb or commuter shoes that take a recessed spd won't take a road cleat.

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    OK so that is a mistake I could've made.

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    I take it Chain Reaction is likely where I'll get the best deals?

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    Chain reaction or wiggle would be the main ones I think.

    Have spd cleats kn mine and find them great. Just a pain if you need to walk around anywhere.

    It'll take you a while to get comfortable in them. Only fell over at the lights once!

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    Weren’t you doing 200k spins not to long ago?
    If so you’re in for a nice surprise.

    Couple of things, if going look keo, prob best to go with the one with the most flex - think yellow

    Secondly on the only 2 bike fits I had done tiny adjustments to the cleats made by far the biggest difference

    Finally and linked to the above on flex, I fitted new cleats to my road shoes a couple of months back, had them marked but still something is off on the left , which also happens to be my bad knee so any more than 5-10k = lots of pain and it can last a day or two so spend some time/money on that aspect.

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    I have Speedplay's on my bike and find them great, especially the cleat adjustments on the side for more movement. They are the older design though so not something you could really walk with.

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    Your pedals dictate your cleats BSK, if you're moving from toe clips to road pedals I would recommend Shimano SPD-SL pedals, with the corresponding cleats (usually come with the pedals, but if not - €12 a pop). I say Shimano over LOOK simply down to cost and slightly wider availability, no doubt every other biker would vote one or the other.

    I thought that snazzy TCR you had was running proper road pedals in the past, no?

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    FWIW I bought some sportsdirect cycling shoes that took my SPD cleats and they lasted a couple of weeks before I ripped the cleat bit through the sole of the shoe. I'm hardly the strongest cyclist but they were pure sh1te. The Shimano MTB shoes I bought to replace them have been well worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foyler View Post
    Weren’t you doing 200k spins not to long ago?
    Well, Sportives yes but I haven't cycled since I did the Ring in 2017. So I'm out of practice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Twinspark View Post
    I thought that snazzy TCR you had was running proper road pedals in the past, no?
    No, regular Joe Soap wrap arounds. I'm proper old skool.

    So my next question is pedals. I think I read the spd allow you the benefit of being able to walk normally and they clip in on both sides. @Twinny I see you prefer spd's so this is the way to go?

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