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Thread: On the hunt for a Van....

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    Nothing wrong with a Hiace to drive, had a couple of '00 ones (non d4d) and often did Dublin to West Cork to Dublin without a thought and hopped out fresh as the proverbial.
    Mid to late 30's economy which was alright as my daily was a Landcruiser Amazon.......
    Got one of them for free with the cylinder head thrown in the back. Turns out it had a cracked piston ! Bought one new piston from Toyota for E95 (what other manufacturer would sell you one piston and have it in stock in their dublin depot ?) set of rings and a gasket set. Built her back up and drove her for a year or so, flogged on to a market trader for 2.5K.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by foyler View Post
    So nearly bought a custom 141 but when down to brass tax a VAT invoice was not forthcoming and at nearly €10k , just too much money for an open insurance workhorse.

    So it seems the options are,

    Hiace 07-08 for €4-6k - just not a nice place to spend anytime or drive, heavy on juice, slow but likely the smart money.
    Primastar/vivaro etc etc 12-141 for €5 -7k - Same as we have , prob be grand but solid and well built they are not...
    Custom - What I want , maybe a bit small in back but probably too much money.

    And dealers would you just put the actual fcuking price rather than ex vat, like my own offerings would look tremendous value if I left out Vat....

    With the boom even boomier and every tradesman around here rocking new vans, you'd have to assume there'd be value/deals over the next few weeks?
    If you buy up north and have a Vat number you can pay ex vat. Bought my own like this much easier than buying and claiming back through vat returns etc etc.

    Also were you looking at swb or lwb?

    I paid £10.5k ex VAT with a tow bar for a 141 1 year ago for a full limited spec lwb, with 18 inch alloys and a spoiler (came with it). Only had 48k miles as well. You should be able to buy keener up north now. If you want I can pm you where I bought mine. They can source from the whole UK dealer network as well.

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    Cheers for the info, have the aforementioned custom on test drive for a couple of days and price now down to €7k no vat.
    Just drove it back 8 Kms and gave to bro.
    Fcuk me that’s some nasty agricultural engine, it’s almost like it’s piping the noise into your face a la the golfer fake 5 pot, it’s fcukin horrendous and I like LOUD cars.

    Power delivery is sheeeeite if it is a 2.2td
    Thought it had no blower at first as i gave up counting after 10 seconds when timing how long it took to go from 3-4k/60-80 in 4th
    Then I thought I heard a mouse pass wind at about 1.5k-2.5k which appears on this map at least the useable power band.

    It’s not as nice a place to be or as nice to drive as the much maligned vivaro/traffic/ primastar.

    But it’s just down the road , can horse it around for 2 days before deciding and we’ll it’s red....never had a red car and would fancy keeping the pink at bay right out on the WAW.

    Much closer than I was yesterday - have 2 solid vans from lads I know just under budget so happy days🤘

    Cheers to Ollie for the WhatsApp offer😉

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    Ha ha fair enough Foyler. I've the 155bhp version so no problems there. Looking at getting it remapped as well up to the later 180bhp.

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