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Thread: Amazon Prime - Premier league coverage

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    Amazon Prime - Premier league coverage

    Yet again wr get screwed over into the geolocking online rights bullsh1t. I get home all set to settle in to:watch premier league football on my smart TV with prime only to find out that Irish users don't get it and will never get it. Yet again that pr1ck O'Rourke (remember Setanta TV?) Has grabbed the rights to ireland and you can only get it with a feckin Sky sub!!!!!

    Am seriously pissed off at this nonsense.

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    i tried watching it through my VPN and its not letting me view it either
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    Matches on premier sport and nbc.

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    premier sport is o'Rourke again........and you can only get it in ireland on......yes you guessed it.......Sky!!!

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    One of the lads had it on Amazon last night on his phone. Not sur ehow he did it?

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    I don't watch the kick ball so not 100% sure if this will work. I had a similar issue with amazon music. I moved my location to Ireland and lost my free music access. Once I changed it back to uk all was good. To do this you need to be on a computer doesn't work on the phone.
    Go to
    Go to account
    move region to uk.

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    According to a thread on boards, get onto live chat with Amazon and tell them to switch your region for prime to the UK, if they ask, tell them you've moved there and this should unlock the premiership matches for you

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    I'm pretty sure Amazon deliberately didn't buy the rights for Ireland so someone else picked it up (Premier Sports). Bit of a pain but there you go. I have Premier Sports so didn't affect me...

    I incidentally have Amazon Prime Video for free via my eir broadband subscription so I doubt I can change my location in any event.
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    You should be able to buy a sports pass with NowTV also, by the way.
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    Not into soccer, but I kinda think a lot of the top tier sports leagues (Premier league, F1, etc.) are reaching a peak commercialization and eventually everyones going to just get fed up of paying through the nose to watch this stuff.

    It's kinda easy to forget that the Premier League didn't exist before 1992 and F1 used to be a relatively low budget ramshackle affair, or how Pro-Wrestling (we can argue all day whether it's a "sport" but that's besides the point) used to be a fractured series of small regional organizations.

    Soccer and F1 really got to the stage where they became "essential" viewing for many via terrestial TV. The premier league was setup pretty much to make more money and the rights sold to BSkyB, F1 is now in the hands of Liberty Global (aka Virgin/UPC) who I'm sure will milk those rights for all it's worth.

    Maybe people who are already invested in these series will continue to pay, but I kinda think an increasing amount of people might just think "stuff that" - given that you seem to have to need so many various subsriptions for things, yet there is also a wealth of great free coverage of other, arguably more exciting sports events out there.

    e.g. F1 is boring as hell, and you have to pay Sky to watch full events (only highlights on C4 in 2020), but you can watch the European FIA world rallycross series and extra interviews etc. for free on youtube, and it's a more exciting, modern short attention span friendly motorsport series. Unless you really care about water cooler conversations about two Brexitball teams, or a single seater series that's turning into corporate Formula Ford with less action, then I'm not sure what they offer over a lot of other leagues out there in terms of entertainment value.

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