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Thread: My American Journey Begins

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    My American Journey Begins

    So firstly, I feel like a complete farce posting about the first two vehicles I bought in the US - particularly in the US forum. But let me explain myself.

    We arrived on the East Coast about 6 weeks ago to start a new adventure. Living just outside Hoboken and settling, rather quickly! Being in the US, the chains are kind of off when it comes to car ownership compared to home -

    Lots of big engines
    Low fuel costs
    Insurance costs are relative to the driver, not the car
    eBay/Amazon at your finger tips to get parts

    We knew when we arrived we’d want something relatively new and clean to act as the family car. So straight to VW to pick up something we’d already planned. A VW Tiguan SE 4Motion. It’s capable, it’s comfortable, it’s 4WD (for the snow, which is heavy this week) but we also got the third row of seats for visitors! We have a 2 year old so when family or 3/4 people visit, we at least have a small bus to tour around. A great car. Here she is the day we got her:

    So with this becoming my ‘wife’s car’ and the family car, I could do whatever I wanted! So here’s where the US - ness, should come in. I toyed with the idea of picking up a new wrangler. I drove the gladiator. I took a F150 Raptor for a day (oh my god what a vehicle) but with a new house purchase happening early summer I thought I’d be smart. I’d pick something up that could be capable in the snow, fun in the summer (BBQs, Camping), was reliable and I could keep in the garage even when she’s replaced. Behold my Japerican 4Runner.

    She’s a V6, with a 4inch lift, Gibson exhaust, upgraded CarPlay head unit. It needs a little bit of body panel work (not rust, just scuffs) and she’s mint. Photo taken today by the way.

    Although she’s Japanese I will do a lot of work on her over the next few months to make her a great camping companion in the spring/summer next year whilst I plan my next scalp (a BIG US TRUCK)..... so I hate to disappoint but thought this thread should start somewhere!

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    Well the vehicles are a bit on the conservative side but you are buying a new house. It must be a great feeling to be able to set up home in the USA. I thought Trump put a stop to that sort of thing?

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    Best of lunch with the move and the new purchases. I spotted this in Ohio today and thought it would be a good suggestion for your next truck

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    Best of luck with the relocation. You'll settle in quickly.

    4Runner is a good choice for camping and doing some fun exploration too.

    I've spent time in New Jersey and New York state running from the coast as far inland as Ringwood State Park and Bear Mountain State Park. Watch for deer appearing out of nowhere on roads in quiet areas and on mountain roads. Had 1 or 2 close encounters with them myself on night time drives during summer.
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    Nice one. Always liked the 4Runner. Sitting in SWFL at the moment with a return flight on Wednesday and I find myself asking my other self if I'm completely mad going home?!?!?! Swimming in the gulf on Dec 6, putting on sunscreen and reading a book v's sitting on the M50 on a Friday evening trying to get home really raises some serious questions.

    Best of luck with the move.

    Older but not any wiser!
    Older but no wiser.

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    Nice write up. In and out of Hoboken myself a lot. Check out City Bistro for pizza or Turning Point for breakfast if you’re living close.

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