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Thread: Is there a need for offensive driving

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    A few years ago me and my girlfriend were leaving a friend's house to go home. It was about 10 o'clock at night. A few miles down the road I realised that the same car had been behind us for while. The road home had lots of small roads and a good few junctions etc. so I got a bit suspicious. When we got out onto a regional road they were right up my arse and flashing the lights at me. I was thinking of pulling over somewhere and then speeding off when they got out but didn't for some reason. We got home after about 15 mins and the car pulled in to our driveway. A guy got out and came up to my car and I rolled down the window. He looked in and then suddenly got all apologetic. He told us his wife had been cheating on him and when he saw my car leaving his estate with a blonde girl in the passenger seat he thought it was her. He had taken his 3 or 4 children with him in the car and all. We didn't really know what to say to him, just told him he was grand, not to worry about it. A very strange/funny end to the night!

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    About 2 years ago I was driving my wifes car, a diesel auris, short 10k spin from her parents back to our own home so in our locality where we would both know most of the locals. Car stuck to my arse and full beams on, flashing and closing/backing off very aggressively. I pulled over and stopped outside a house for them to pass but the pulled alongside and flashed a lamping torch from the passenger seat in my window blinding me shouting at me pretending to be a guard or something. A young fella thinking he was being funny! He took off and I tried to chase to get his reg but the auris was too slow. Frightened the life out of my wife who was pregnant at the time. I was beyond furious at the time and I'm a cool character 99% of the time!

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    I see that happen close to Tallaght area. Im driving back home from work after 10pm very often and finding that there is a cars driving behind me very often, taking same turns, skipping same 'late orange' light, only change direction at my last roundabout but was never paranoic about it as I was stuck behind some cars too. It look like i follow them while I'm only driving back home, sometimes we even go same carpark. If you ever see black Mercedes CLK Convertible 'following' you, don't worry it's just me trying to back home.

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