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Thread: Saab 900 turbo as a daily?

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    Saab 900 turbo as a daily?

    Lately I've been toying with the idea. I know they tend to rot, but would a good one be feasible? My logic is as follows: I have an elise as my "main car" and could put a pre 1990 one of these on the road classic taxed/insured for €300. Has anyone tried child seats in the back? Is there much rear seat space and boot space.
    I've had a 9-5 HOT Aero as a daily for 8 years but the tax is starting to wear on me...

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    My mate had one as a daily a couple of years ago. They are solid enough, he did all the maintenance. His only gripe was the timing belt is between the engine and the bulkhead for some reason so it makes it a pain to change, other than that he loved it.

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    I owned a 900 turbo in the 90's when it wasn't quite so vintage. It was reliable and very practical, the boot space is massive. Not sure about the baby seats but it's pretty roomy in the back.
    It was thirsty as I recall but that was likely my need to keep it on boost as much I could.
    Push in the clutch, build the revs to 4000, dump the clutch and whoosh....
    There was a black 92D turbo behind me in traffic this morning in Terenure. It looked very cool in amongst the carbon copy wannabe jeeps.
    Don't know how they've aged but you could always get your money back if you didn't like it

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    I ran one on a similar basis till last year. No problem with booster seats anyway.Enough rear space and a huge boot. Get one with best bodywork you can afford. The rest is easy enough, check gearbox too.
    1991 Saab 900 S
    1983 Saab 900GLE (New Project ... AKA Rust Bucket)

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    I have driven a 9-5 HOT Aero wagon as a daily for the last 8 years and love it. Still worth the same as what I paid. The tax is the killer and it's 10 years off vintage. I've always preferred to keep away from the rat race of keeping up with the latest model of modern cars. No matter what you spend, it will be outdated in no time. A 900 would be a good option as a daily classic I reckon. They seem to be capable of huge mileage and have aged well visually. Only concern is practicality of the rear seats for kids...

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    absolutely do it.
    friend of mine had a 900 four door, it looked so cool in modern traffic.
    900 turbo I think would be a class daily. hmm....

    Not a 900 or vintage, but still very nice.

    Almost vintage, looks like a cracker, little overpriced maybe ?
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    That bottom one looks gorgeous.

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    They dont have isofix but for the age a safe car. When you are selling let me know.

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    I don't think I could ever part with the 9-5. It has been the best all rounder imaginable. Power, refinement, massive space, reliability, understated looks, and a reasonable 30mpg! I would be putting it into storage. And I like the way it's the complete opposite of the Elise. Makes driving both enjoyable. But between the two im putting about €2500 a year on the windscreens. Bloody tax ruins everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rygar View Post
    ......the 9-5....a reasonable 30mpg....
    Fair play to ya, you've more restraint than I do. I'm averaging 25mpg with my 9-5 Aero, although maybe a manual one would be more efficient

    The black 900 linked above is just gorgeous!

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