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Thread: In the market for a new car?

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    Can we assume that the usual Backroads discount will apply?

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    Congrats Stig and all the best with the new job.

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    Congrats man and best of luck with it.
    Still time to pick up some new vehicle sales for the January/February rush I'd reckon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJ View Post
    I would buy a car from this man.
    *contains unpaid paid promotion*

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    First BR enquire already! This is going well

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    Congrats on the new position. I used Audi South for service work on the R8 and found them to be very good. The coffee rocks too.
    Apologies for not getting back to you following our last chat, will hopefully see you in person soon, maybe at a C&C.

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    Any 50% off vouchers going ?

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