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Thread: Shane Rossís Speeding Proposals

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    Got a reply from Martin Heydon...

    Thanks for your emails raising your concerns on this Bill. I will raise the idea of a driver education programme with the Minister.

    This is new legislation which has just been published and has a long process to go through before it could be law. In my experience draft legislation such as this could change a lot in that process. While there are some good principles contained in the draft such as a graduated system, there are many elements which I agree with you need to be addressed.

    The next stage is that the draft legislation will be scrutinized by the transport committee and my colleagues on that committee will be looking at many of the elements you have raised and others to see if they make sense in practice.

    Given the length of time left in this Dail term I would think itís unlikely that this Bill could be passed by the time of the next election. This would mean the process would stop and have to be restarted under the next government.

    I hope this addresses some of your concerns.


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    Kingers – good post and great motivation for getting people (like myself!), to get the finger out. I agree with everything you said and think this whole approach is extremely frustrating and ultimately just madness.

    I used it as a template which I sent to six TDs, including the minister himself, who called to my door a few months back. I expect to get some replies based on engagement to date

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    Fair play lads - next time anyone hears anything political or topical on speed, post it here and we can try to react with our message quickly

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    Please do

    I wrote the numpty in question about this proposal, and only got the standard "thank you for your opinion, we are still considering" reply as the others got.
    I tried to mouth about it on Twitter, but the usual "why are you killing babies" crowd descended upon any comment not conforming to the holy script.
    "This is a non-contact sport but then so is ice hockey" - Roberto Giordanelli on Irish FIAT Punto racing but applies to all Irish racing..
    "Tailgaters have small dicks" - Me

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    If Ross is going to introduce some new legislation Iíd much prefer to him spending his time trying to introduce something like this

    This is more grown up thinking imo but requires more effort

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    Isnt Cavan statistically the worst county for Dangerouse roads? Surely this is an easy win.
    Fix Cavan, stats improve.

    There was a bit of talk about the new speed limits on Newstalk today, not one persons had anything sensible to ad to the discussion.
    Mr Default falknan got a mention and some absolute clown got 5 minutes talking about his Auto gearbox being damaged being at a constant low speed .
    It was a Car is dangerous campaign, no mention of pedeatrians stepping out, cyclists or motor cyclists being partly to blame.
    Nothing to back up any information provided.
    Very Frustrating.

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    Thereís new speed limits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPaul View Post
    If Ross is going to introduce some new legislation I’d much prefer to him spending his time trying to introduce something like this

    This is more grown up thinking imo but requires more effort
    ..the State spying on you sitting in your car..? Are you nuts..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick View Post
    ..the State spying on you sitting in your car..? Are you nuts..?
    I'd put up with it if it reduced the number of people texting or whatever on their phones driving around. if the cameras are placed to identify people driving what would you be worried about, I mean you should be driving

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    People holding a phone isn't the issue, the science shows using a hands free is just as problematic. It's not that your hands are occupied, but more importantly, cognitive function is occupied.

    Now you might wonder how is this different to talking to a passenger, but a passenger is in the same space, they can also see what's going on.

    It seems when you talk to someone physically removed from your surroundings, your mind in turn no longer focuses on where you are.

    You could legislate for this, but how do you enforce it?

    The answer is simple, you can't, and that's pretty much what is wrong with our approach to road safety. It is far too focused in legislation and punishment than on creating a culture of personal responsibility and drivers actively mentally engaged with the process of driving or on practical engineering improvements to road safety.

    Aside from better driver training, one way to enforce this idea in the legal system is to adopt the German style scale for speeding and stop the hysterical everyone 5mph over the limit is a baby killer thing. No harm, no foul. On the other hand, if your driving causes someone else harm, thats when penalties should be severe if due to your negligence.

    I think peoples minds need to be focused on how the worst outcomes of poor driving are real life changing consequences and not just points and insurance premiums acting as proxy punishment.

    When people start thinking about their driving that way and really start mentally engaging with the fundamental principles of safe driving rather than the laws of whatever country you are in, then the laws become increasingly redundant.

    Laws are technicalities that can be badly made or weaseled around with a good lawyer/having mates in the Gardai. Principles are universal.
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