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Thread: Shane Rossís Speeding Proposals

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    Shane Rossís Speeding Proposals

    We are very close to having some very heavy handed and ill conceived measures for speeding offenses brought in to legislation.

    If you havenít heard of them, they got approved by cabinet today -

    Im not sure what the next steps are for it to become legislation - a Dail and Seanad vote? Maybe someone can advise?

    Regardless, Iím sick of this countryís attitude and responses to speed and road deaths. We as motorists are too submissive and now is the time for our voices to be heard.

    We need to contact our local TDís as a first measure. Itís very easy to do, enter your address on this link, it lists your TDís and you can simply add your message in the text box to email them that way -

    I have drafted a message that Iíd welcome comment / amendment on, but aiming to issue tomorrow - please copy this and send to your TDs
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    Shane Rossís Speeding Proposals

    Iíve never written to a TD before but I canít stand silently any longer in the background like the other motorists - you need to hear my voice and really think about what Iím saying if you care about saving lives.

    Shane Rossís proposals for speeding offenses are an ill-conceived, crude measure that wonít materially impact the number of road deaths and drive this country in to an over legislated & policed state.

    It seems more and more that the past and present governments as well as the state bodies judge success by the stringent measures in place and the number of road traffic offenses.

    If the proposed changes are legislated, it will have a negligible affect on saving lives and a massive affect on how many people are convicted and excessively penalized for speeding offenses, many of which arenít likely to cause road deaths or accidents in the first place.

    There are an enormous number of speed limits that are not suitable for the roads theyíre posted on but let me give you one example - several of the M50 on and off ramps have a speed limit of just 30kph. These are put there to slow people down (HGVs in particular) and prevent them overturning on the tightening bend before joining / exiting the motorway. The problem is that the speed limits are posted long before the bend, where the natural flow of traffic is doing 60-80kph as it is safe to do so. In fact it would be more unsafe to do the posted speed limit as you are creating a large and unexpected speed discrepancy with other traffic that is likely to cause evasive action by other cars and increase the likelihood of an accident. If I took the safer option and kept with the flow of traffic (60-80kph) and was caught, I would have an automatic court hearing, a fine of up to Ä2000 and up to 7 penalty points.... how is that fair?

    A major problem with the Ďsystemí is that both the Gardai roads policing department and Go Safe vans are concentrated on their numbers, theyíre motivated by performance - not lives saved. This can be clearly seen by the misplacement of speed checks, the Gardai carry out an inordinate amount of speed checks on our statistically safest roads, the motorways and dual carriageways Why? Because they can clock up the most number of speeding offenses and use that metric to demonstrate their performance and ultimately warrant their existence.

    How about being more focused and considering more effective measures that may not earn as many political points but will actually count for whatís most important - saving lives.

    Suggestions that will make a real difference:

    - Driver education. The uncomfortable truth is that thereís a lot of stupid people on the roads that not only ignore the law but more importantly, ignore whatís safe and make bad decisions that lead to deaths. Itís so hard to legislate for stupidity so youíre always unfortunately going to have a base level of accidents that result in fatalities in some cases. We need to develop a means of continual driver training (like CPD for qualified professions), beyond the initial driver test that doesnít adequately reflect the reality of driving. This needs to tackle more advanced realities of unsafe driving practices.

    - Policing. The majority of road fatalities occur late at night and in the early hours of the morning, when police resources are at their thinnest. Logically, wouldnít this be the most effective time to enforce speeds? But that would cost more in Gardai / GoSafe overtime hours I suppose - which seems to be more important than saving lives... if weíre serious about saving lives, letís pay more than lip service to the resources we put behind it.

    A large proportion of the fatalities happen on secondary roads, how about policing those during the night, rather than on the motorways which are our safest roads?

    - People on their phones are causing an epidemic of lost car control on the roads, this badly needs higher penalties and targeted enforcement.

    - The number of people driving without their headlights on in urban areas this time of year is shocking and wildly more dangerous than many speeding situations, yet there is nothing made or done about this.

    - The massive proliferation of cheap Chinese tyres on cars has markedly deteriorated the levels of grip a driver has - a higher standard of tyres would mean more braking performance, particularly in wet & greasy conditions and ultimately save lives.

    Itís not speed that kills - itís *inappropriate* speed.

    Thatís an important subtilty and when this country truly understands that and takes intelligent and focused measures to prevent that, we will then see road deaths fall to a realistic lower base level, which we can all be proud of achieving.

    If the proposals come for debate or vote in the Dail, I ask you to vote against it and instead take steps to try and implement more effective and fairer measures as outlined above.
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    To everyone on here, if you care about this - take 2 mins and try to make a difference.

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    Well said.. I'd probably re use your message as cant do better meself!

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    Iím sure thereís others here that can do better, but do please copy and send or amend and send as you see fit!

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    The proposed changes are ridiculous. The laughable thing is, they are a watered down version of what he tried a few months ago! Your letter above is well written, I may well just copy and paste it myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingers View Post
    To everyone on here, if you care about this - take 2 mins and try to make a difference.

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    Very Noble, Kingers but wont make a blind bit of difference.
    A Protest to step aside vilage on saturday, 50 cars abandoned for 20 minutes at the main junction, contact the local papers, drivers stand side by side in a ring around the junction.

    Now minister, put that in your pipe.

    This is Shane ross official email.

    I have emailed him, and allways get a response.
    I sent him an email regarding Scrambler being used off road, similar stuff being mentioned in ghe press, tpuvher laws and penaltues etc, i told him some of my experiences , as a former off road biker and as a resident beside a large park in tallaght. ,
    he thanked me and no knee jerk laws have been passed thankfully , not sure if that was my doing but im taking the credit.

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    I hope you don't mind plagiarism!

    Well said, and sent to my local TD's

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    Itís better than doing nothing Rennwagen - i said itís a start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
    I hope you don't mind plagiarism!

    Well said, and sent to my local TD's
    Tks Jasper!

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