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Thread: 2010 Jaguar XF Wheel wobble

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    2010 Jaguar XF Wheel wobble

    Getting a wobble from the front under light braking, heavy braking is fine?

    New Discs and pads a few months back. Wondering if it's a partially seized calliper or buckled wheel?

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    Anything other than OEM or the EBC super duper discs on my Jag, and they crack, wobble, vibrate and make a general nuisance of themselves. Learnt this the hard way.

    Running the EBC discs now, rock solid and no more drama from the surprisingly expensive crappo discs.
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    Get out there and drive it as much as possible...You or it will not be around forever, at least not with any original parts.

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    Check the easy stuff. Tyre pressures and make sure wheel nuts are tight. After that, start looking at anything that may have changed recently - was a wheel off for any reason?

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    What make are the discs? Had put two sets of apec discs on herself's insignia before I just bought a genuine set. Motorfactors said they are having constant trouble with them lately.

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    Not sure on the make as they were replaced by a dealership? I'll see if I can get a name off them

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    Ok you’re not going to like this but as I mentioned before the answer is pop into Jaguar with €580 and get genuine disks and pads. Been here and worn the tee shirt. I’m sure you can get OEM online for less but I lost the will to live and paid Spirit parts dept. Breaks have been 100% since and a much better pedal too.


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    Oh and that price was just to buy the parts. Not fitted.

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    I can fit them myself, going to strip the caliper today and see, I noticed they do stick on the drivers side, slides maybe stuck etc but if I need OEM or EBC then I will get them to be safe!

    Apart from that it is a great car I have to say, looking at getting the XJ next summer

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    Before you part with money to Spirit,check price from Charles Hurst in Belfast.When I was running an Avensis I found them to be about 40% cheaper than Dublin dealers for parts.My nephew had similar experience with them when he was running a Jag.They offer a next day courier service to Dublin.In general I found them cheaper for genuine parts than the local motor factor was for non oem parts.

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