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Thread: BMX Bandit!

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    BMX Bandit!

    Here's a little restoration just completed; something different from the usual vintage racing bikes...

    1984 Raleigh Burner.

    Glass bead blasted, etch primed and resprayed in Audi TT Mauritius Blue...wonder where I got the idea for that colour from?

    A mix of original 1980s and reproduction parts were used to bring this wreck back to life.

    One thing I have learned...old Raleigh Burner parts attract even more ''scene tax'' than vintage VW bits!



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    That is stunning, fair feckin play to you. I actually had a Raleigh Chrome Burner as a kid with the same mag wheels as yours, loved it. It was a natural progression form my blue and yellow Raleigh Sparky

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    Just thinking, I'm sure I had pegs off the rear axle too....

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    Love it!
    Had one with yellow mags!

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    Nostalgic flashback! Deadly....

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    Nice - I had the poor man’s version without the mag wheels. Great memories of building ramps and little tracks for it.

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    I remember i bought a second hand night burner with mag wheels with my confirmation money when all i wanted to be was Andy Ruffel. Who remembers the old dirt bike track in Mondello, remember going around that on my BMX, friends father worked there at time.

    Forgot to add that's a great restoration Paul - good work.
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    That is deadly! So cool!
    We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"

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    Or you could just summon some angels?
    "All the finesse of a badger." (cdiv)

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