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Thread: Porsche ownership

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    It is head wrecking when the car isn't listed on the Vrt site.

    I wonder what would happen if you went into a garage here and you were told the car you were interested in might cost between €30-40k,depending on the mood of the salesman,the moon cycle or the weather....

    It's hard to believe that some sort of court case hasn't been taken against revenue by now.

    I know they have some formula on the site but I'm afraid I'm just a bit too thick to work that one out for a car that's not listed.
    That was the main reason I chose to buy in Ireland. Any expensive relatively new car that's not on the list where you can't quantify the VRT in advance is just not worth the risk.

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    I was faced with a similar choice a couple of years ago (I bought a cayman s fwiw). The decision to take the apparent risk on the engine, and pay the ridiculous tax for a car that is quicker but possibly not more fun to drive than an elise was quite a simple one in the end. I look at it this way- porsche ownership isn't going to get any cheaper or easier in the future. The idea of owning a porsche is either a dream or an ambition. If it's a dream, then start doing the lotto. If it's an ambition, then buy the best one you can.

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    I wouldn't discount the 2.7 I had one and it was sufficiently powerful. In reality you're not going to notice .3 sec difference.

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    Pal has a 2.7 for 5+ years. Daily driver and he loves it. No major outlays bar normal consumables. He doesn't know what to replace it with, not a lot others take a his fancy.

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    987 Cayman S is the best value for money sports car out there ATM. General consensus is they are reliable so you wont be in the workshop much but when you are bills will 2 to 3 times what you might be used to. Things like coolant pipes need preventative maintenance. If it's a weekender doing low mileage then might not be too painful.

    The difference in price between a 987.1 and 987.2 is about the cost of an engine rebuild. Most 987.1 ones won't need one so you decide...I went for a 987.1 anyway.

    From late 2005 the Cayman S 3.4 engine had the stronger bearing - if you get the engine no. you can tell which camp it falls into (the 6th last digit is the year and if it's a 6 yours definitely has the stronger bearing but some with a 5 also fall within that). There's always the bore score thing but that's a slow process so at least you get warning signs unlike IMS which would be sudden.

    I'm located in the North so a real shame the car tax down south kills it a bit.
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    This would seem to be value first dip into Porsche ownership considering that the engine has been 'overhauled including RMS seal, IMS bearing, all new gaskets, air oil separator etc'

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    That one looks nice, Bose and hardtop are nice additions for this country especially if you are storing outside in winter or using all year round. If all the work has been done and it checks out its a good price especially with the hard top. That version probably has the plastic rear window, they went glass at some point and i think the roof also improved with extra lining or something but I may be wrong.

    Just a word of caution, if you want to test the roof and its plastic on a cold day make sure you heat it with a hair dryer or something. They can crack when they fold if they are cold, wouldn't be a great way to finish a viewing if you were walking away.

    There is no mention of the clutch which would seem logical to tackle as to do the IMS (20-700 depending on what kit you buy) and RMS (20) you have to remove the transmission and clutch so for the sake of an extra €3/400 for a pressure plate, friction plate and release bearing I don't know why you would not have done it at the same time as there would be no extra labour. I will do both the IMS and RMS whenever the clutch is replaced. AOS is about 120 and a DIY job but a royal pain in the a$$. Small hands are a big help.

    Here's another 2.7 but has been maintained by Classic Carreras in Limerick so anything that was done to it would have been done right
    Older but no wiser.

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    Any recommendations who could check for engine issues on a 3.6 litre 996? car around Dublin.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPaul View Post
    Any recommendations who could check for engine issues on a 3.6 litre 996? car around Dublin.Thanks
    Brian Kane out in Harmonstown Motors would be my starting point.

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    also Ken Bolger - - Chapelizod

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