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Thread: Hassle Free Family Wagon - The sweet spot financially?

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    Hassle Free Family Wagon - The sweet spot financially?

    So I bought the not so Superb on the basis that if I have some toys, its only fair that herself and the kids mooch around in something Daycent.

    There's a thread here somewhere but largely due to the poxy petrol fsi engine its been a farkin nightmare, even Daltons who we all rightly love couldn't get it right after multiple rebuilds.
    While I described the PITA , a few on here questioned why I was fecking around in the €10-12k range and all that goes with it.
    Obviously I thought I was being smart finding the only petrol superb on the island in fcuking Bangor of all places to hopefully avoid dpf,adblue, injectors, swirl flaps etc etc etc.

    So to the question, here I am looking to change while all is well with the lemon, albeit its in Skoda westport for a service & fuel pump to hopefully kill the latest gremlin.

    Similar to El K I'm shopping in the €13-18k price range for a spacious estate/jeep thingy - so diesels up around the 100k miles ie exactly what I swore I wouldn't get into last time...

    I found having €30k tied up in a golf a bit mental so while I could buy new for cash at €30-40k, there's just no way I'm going to have that much in an appliance that will just hemorrhage half its value in 3-5 years.
    Also I've never borrowed money or gone pcp or similar to buy a car and am reluctant to do so but I keep hearing about free money and have predicted it as the next ponzi scheme to come crashing down when the next reset happens.

    BUT the idea of just getting on the pcp ladder, so to speak and just changing to something shiney & new every few years to keep everyone happy does appeal.

    So I'm sure lads on here have done the spreadsheets, is it madness and if not where does the smart money go?

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    Granted I've bought outright for cash recently given my current situation, I would have no issues financing a car again if I was in the right place to do it. The right place being that i rely on a car for daily duties, have no intention of moving countries, and don't see my financial situation changing in the short term.

    Assuming the rate is low, that you'll look after the car, and won't exceed the agreed mileage limit, its so hassle free. The 2.5 years i had my rs clio were the most hassle free years of motoring I've ever had. The engine needed to come out at one point to fix the aircon at a cost of nearly 10k covered by the warranty.

    Would i buy a performance car under pcp again, probably not. I felt fairly restricted in what i could do with it regarding remap and track time etc. Realistically it probably would have been fine and I was just too nervous.

    For a daily workhorse you have no emotional attachment to, and can change every year, it would be perfect. You can't beat the safety features of a new car, and that's hard to put a price on if it's your wife driving the kids around in it imo.
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    I'm not going to talk about specific cars but you should be able to pick up a 3-5 year old decent car from the UK for 15-20k.
    That means it's got ~10 years life left - so about 1500-2000/year in car cost.

    That's really not bad, and what I'm aiming for, because a banger might cost ~1000/year if you have to buy a new one frequently or with extra repairs.

    Everything else is more expensive! A decent car for 25-35k on PCP is likely going to cost you 3000-5000/year ++++

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    Diesel and hassle free doesn't get along!!
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    30K for a golf may seem mental, and I wouldn't put much long term faith in a VAG product for starters, but think about your daily car like you would a commercial vehicle really.

    You just need it do stuff, the value is in it performing that function. What value do you put on your time in not dealing with crap every few months?

    I'm not saying what you should do one way or another, but that's the way I'd think about it. Sometimes it can be good to just pony up and be done, sometimes bangernomics is the answer. Personally for me, 13-15k used appliance cars just seem like weird no mans land, kinda hassle with a fair amount of uncertainty, but not bangernomic either.
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    Toyota Avensis

    (I don't think hating yourself goes into the spreadsheet, right?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMZ View Post
    Toyota Avensis

    (I don't think hating yourself goes into the spreadsheet, right?)
    Even Toyota gave up on them..

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    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    Jaysus you’d want to see her face if I suggest a manual - let alone that piece of magnificence 😎

    Fair point crank and that’s kinda what was hinted at before - why all the grief over an appliance but I also like to think of myself who really values hard earned 💰, love love loves a good deal so lining up with the average Mary & joes for a piece of shiney , boom mk2 bleauuggghhh and having the money just drip away doesn’t sit well.

    Anyway keep the ideas and suggestions coming even the stupid , wildly OT ones coming.
    Away on hols for a week tomorrow so have more time for browsing
    MUST be a dealer car to off load the Skoda. It may have more new parts than a new Skoda but I ain’t going private sale

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    You should consider a Lexus NX300H ...
    Or if you want a spec C Impreza with very low miles totally standard i know where there is one !

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