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Thread: Who wins in this traffic merge situation?

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    Who wins in this traffic merge situation?

    N11, heading through Kilmac. Those who know it will know there's an off and on rat run at Avoca. Used by lots looking to get the jump on 20 or 30 cars going through the motions of the commute. Some spanner did the trick yesterday morning. I was in lane 1 at the very very end of the merge. Spanner bursts up and attempts a wedge behind me. Dude behind is not happy with this. Spanner aborts and decides he'd have more luck going chopping in front of me instead. This takes him up the hard shoulder. Car in front of me had moved forward, I was moving forward. Spanner goes for the wedge. It was obvious what he was going to do all along, and I was prepared. It still needed to brake and give an oul toot of the horn to show my disaffection cause he kept coming.
    I rarely respond to anything with the horn. The traffic on the commute is not something I bother getting worked up about, but this lad was a total spanner.

    What would happen if I hadn't been watching him, say perhaps I was looking in my right hand mirror to check for a motorcycle filtering and I went into his door? Would I be at fault as he was technically ahead of me? Would it be my fault for not noticing something slying up inside and diving in?

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    ..technically you should make an effort to accommodate merging traffic (ideally the zip-merge), but somebody barging in from the hard shoulder would probably have a tough time defending themselves in court alright.

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    Good question! He would be in the total wrong, but from a legal/ insurance standpoint? I don't know. The way insurance goes they probably would say 50/50? "He was in the wrong but you should have been paying attention... blah blah"...

    In the future this will lead to the question of what would this mean if you were driving an automonotonous car?
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    Few issues there , using a slip road to undertake traffic with the intention of jumping back in and then proceeds to use the Hard Shoulder with the intention of cutting in-front of you (It is not undertaking if it is on the slip road and the driver intends to take the exit.)

    Unless it was an emergency or if ordered to do so by Garda to use the hard Shoulder. Its a motoring offense , I am sure any Garda could string a few offenses together for that one

    Driver is being a ! You would not be at fault , they are driving without due care or dangerous driving
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    Cars in general must give way to traffic from the right. This applies to roundabouts and merging. Additionally if merging from a side road or slip road the person joining must yield.

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    Spanner totally at fault.
    The correct wording (IIRC) is to merge "when it's safe to do so". It was not safe to do so when he had to use the hard shoulder to merge.

    I hate these wankers (they do the same on the N4 Maynooth off/on ramp), but with the guards not being able to provide the simplest of road policing, I do not expect this to change.
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    It’s fairly clear cut from the rules of the road point of view; it’s their responsibility to merge safely. However, the trouble is in proving they cut into you rather than you cutting into them. In the absence of a dashcam, or the witness behind you, the guards would likely tell you to sort it out with the insurers. It would be also very hard to prove that what he was doing was skipping traffic, and that’s not likely to factor into it anyway.

    I do love a bit of sly undertaking-cnut-thwarting maneuvering as well and this sounded like some good work from you 🙂

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    In my opinion, you need to give way to someone merging onto a road in a situation like this. Nobody should be forced to drive on a hard shoulder or force their way into a lane. Whether they're a muppet or not. As for the actual situation, I have no idea how an insurance company would look at an accident like it. Far from clearcut I'd say.
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    Sort of similar situation happened lad at work. Now bear in mind this was his version of the events, but he was on a lane and wanted to merge into the next lane, nothing out of the ordinary. Looks in his mirror and sees car long way back, signals and moves. Car behind accelerates and clips him. Minor damage to both cars. The other car says he will make a claim, so he rings his insurance. Their response was that it was the other car's lane and he had no obligation to yield, slow down, etc. So lad at work was deemed to be at fault for merging into the other lane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick View Post
    ideally the zip-merge.
    two thumbs up.

    When are the RSA going to teach Irish people about this one, really grinds my gears. There's one filter in my local town (Newbridge) where about 5% of traffic will allow someone out into the lane, if every car let one car out the town would flow so much better. It really grinds my gears.

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