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Thread: I think I actually hate buying a car these days

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    I think I actually hate buying a car these days

    The internet has ruined me when it comes to looking for cars.
    There is so much info that I can find something bad about any car really.

    In my youth I used to chop and change cars a lot but I don't want to now. I just want to get something nice and keep it for a fairly long time.
    I don't want to get anything oldish that will throw up more work to keep it on the road.

    In the past I have been fairly flexible on what I got, just going with my gut but this time I want to stick to my guns and get exactly what I (think) I should be be getting.

    My requirements are a large, reasonably powerful, reasonably specced, auto estate (or similar large practical car).
    Around 20k

    Here is a brain dump of my thoughts:

    - Alfa Romeo, nothing interests me
    - Audi, I'm not an Audi fan and I think they are not overly reliable and are expensive to maintain
    - BMW 3 series, too small
    - BMW 5 series, a good car but I'm not a BMW fan and my wife doesn't not want one!
    - Citroen, new Berlingo replacement off the cards due to my recent experience
    - Dacia, nothing auto
    - FIAT, I am reluctant to get a Tipo. I don't mind FIAT but have had some bad experiences with dealers
    - Ford Focus/Mondeo, I am scared of the reliability of the Powershift, and their engines seem to be a bit crap lately
    - Honda, I would consider a Civic Touring but there are no auto's for sale. I'm not sure the estate engine combos had one???
    - Hyundai, The i40 seems OK but I just don't like them
    - Jaguar XF estate. They seem nice but I'm a bit scared of getting a Jag TBH. Just feel they would be unreliable.
    - KIA, just not a fan
    - Land Rover. Wouldn't touch one
    - Mazda. I like the 6 estate but scared of 2.2 diesel
    - Merc. I would like an E Class. The 2.1 diesel an auto would be fine but I hear the engine is a bit coarse. I would go for the larger diesel though. I'm scared of the diesel hybrid even if VRT would be low.
    - Mitsubishi. I like the Outlander but drove one from Donegal recently and it was way to soft on the suspension.
    - Nissan, nothing I like
    - Opel. I hate them
    - Peugeot. The 508 estate is nice and the engine and gearbox are proven but..... maybe I should avoid Pugs for a while
    - Renault. the Meganes have robotised gearboxes and are lowish power I think.
    - Seat estates are too small
    - Skoda. I would consider a Superb estate even if the rear end is a bit naff looking. As long as the DSG was reliable.
    - Toyota. I would actually consider an auris hyrid but they can't tow. The new Corolla can but they are to expensive. I would consider a 3 year old Rav4 hybrid with the newer shape lights. They can tow 750kg I think and the 4x4 version 1650. 750 would be fine for me.

    So in summary I seem to be considering:
    - E class diesel auto non hybrid
    - Superb DSG
    - Rav4 Hybrid

    The RAV4 was off putting at first as the boot was short, but it seems to be over the magic 1.8m with the back seats down so it's back in the running. I know the interior is a bit naff but I don't mind our Yaris Hybrid and we have an Auris estate hybrid in the family. I don't mind the CVT and the RAV4 has a 2.5 so it's not as buzzy apparently?

    I suppose it's not a bad shortlist / 1st world problems etc

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    This is where i would be spending my money.

    Bi Turbo 240bhp
    7 speed DSG
    4 motion 4 wheel drive
    Great spec all round
    Reasonable mileage
    Low tax.

    Rare car in this country and so much nicer as an Estate.

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    OMG I forgot about VW!

    TBH I am not a big VW fan and I don't rate their reliability but that is an interesting car.

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    They are as reliable as any of them really. I'm on my 3rd one and outside of routine servicing i haven't had any issues. That Passat is a very nice car.

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    Since Volvo' failed to make your list I am assuming you overlooked them. All used cars will have some issues or potential issues so if you want good peace of mind you will have to get something nearly new with some warranty still left but cars like that don't come cheap.

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    You're looking for an estate and Volvo is not on your list?

    The thing to do is to glance at the internet and then go for some test drives or generally poke around a few cars. That will tell you what's what. Reliability, not sure I would worry much about it and you would need to have fairly low expectations on that front when buying a diesel.
    I'm with the resistance

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    I'm glad you posted this, I'm in exactly the same spin as you albeit in a lower price bracket. In years gone I'd be so set on a particular car that no scaremongering could put me off. Lately I'm able to talk myself out of any car based on internet threads. It sounds like every single car has potentially bankrupting issues.

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    I'm not a Volvo fan! I'd prefer a Merc in that bracket TBH.

    Yes I'm trying to avoid diesel but the petrol estates of that size are quite expensive to run.

    I can bring in a 2015ish E class with middling mileage for 20k ish.
    Superb will be a year or so newer.
    The RAV4 are at about 27k at dealers maybe 24-25k next year... but I would get reliability.

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    If we are going to throw up stereotypes about reliability then take Volvo, BMW, Fiat, Alfa, Hyuandai ,Audi. VW any thing french, Ford ... etc off your list and just use taxis and couriers.

    If you google any make/model you will find issues, if you have a preformed idea about the reliability of brand from an experience from 10/20 years ago then forget that.

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    Ill just add one thing... if you like the Jag XF go buy one.... Ive mine a year now and nothing has exploded... 3.0L V6 Diesel Premium Luxury Buy the best you can afford... They generally get better looked after than the equivalent BMWs etc..

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