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Thread: Saorview and Sky channels

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    Saorview and Sky channels

    Hi all,

    Moved into new house and seeing that we spend most of the time watching Netflix etc, it didnít make sense to go for Sky despite there being two dishes and an arial on the house. Got new tv today , it is saorview approved and the coax from the dish goes straight into the TV. How do I program in saorview? I can get it to auto scan but Iím getting sky channels some which are locked/coded and some that arenít?

    Any ideas?


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    You need to plug in an aerial not a dish
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    Ah ok - there is one on the roof but no cable running to tv.

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    your new TV maybe both Sat tuner and Antenna tuner, I have a Sony Android one and can stream from either source

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    You can in all likelihood use the RTE etc apps on the TV and not bother with aerial, by the way.
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    I use one of these for Saorview.
    It works well but I suppose it depends on where you live in relation to a transmitter.
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    We have saorview and freesat combo (our tv has both tuners), it's a great compromise and saves us a fortune.

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    Do I need a decoder to get the Uk free to air? When I power up the tv itís showing me ads for Sky and some channels are coming through fine while others are locked. Iím thinking the arial might not be plugged in - need to get up onto the roof.

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    Sky box will require a basic card to get all the free UK satellite channels. Available on ebay!

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    U donít need a decoder as itís built into the tv. The free to air connection is a f connector screw in and the aerial for saorview is a push in connection. I find a lot of smart tv are a bit tricky you use if you are not used to them. A lot of the TVs Iv seem u have to swap between saorview and satellite by going into the TV guide or some other way but your may not be like this.
    Are both dishes wired down to where u have the tv. If people from another country were living in the house before you the satellite dish may be set to another satellite if two are up there and pointing in different directions that how u will know. The satellite that you need to use assuming ur Irish is Astra 2.
    We have sky and itís a complete waste of money 99% of what we watch is free to air and thats very little all we mainly watch is Netflix. Iv two small kid and they watch nick toon which isnít fta and dont really want to get rid because of that. We are in the process of buying a house and it wonít be coming with us.

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