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Thread: Plugs mk5 1.4 golf. How?

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    Plugs mk5 1.4 golf. How?

    I can't find any videos on how. It's not a tsi just standard 1.4 16v. Any ideas folks.

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    A quick Google would suggest that you remove the plastic engine cover which reveals four coil packs. Remove these and you'll get access to the plugs. That's assuming it's like the first image.

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    Yep kev that's what it looks like. I was not sure if we'd to take the air box out of not and if so how. But maybe I don't need to if the plugs are in the middle like in that photo.

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    Just be careful taking the coils out some people try pry them out with long screwdriver etc & brake them. VW have a special pullers for removing them as they're usually very tight

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    A cable tie looped in under the coil and tied is a great way to pull them out to.

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