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Thread: Remap/Tuning box advice

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    Remap/Tuning box advice

    My Wife has a Merc C200d, 1.6 137bhp version.
    It's as expected, a nice drive but very sluggish.
    She wants a remap and I'm looking at one of the below options, can anyone give some real world examples?
    Obvious concerns are reliability.

    Racechip unit is a plug and play and can be removed, adjusted etc so I do like that.
    But would like the remap to ensure the gearbox adjusts accordingly.

    Any advice on making sure of reliability being fairly ok?
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    Daltons are a revo dealer so not sure they can do Mercedes ,ask them though. Failing that Joe (TDR) all the way.

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    Have been down to Joe in TDR and he really knows his stuff.

    Will be bringing the Evo to him for a remap in the coming months.

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    Couldn’t recommend Joe in TDR enough!

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    Another recommendation for Joe Power

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    I see the pattern already, however I'm really asking if anyone recommends the remap offer the plug and play tuning box?

    Also post remap car reliability is another thing I'm concerned about.

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    Tuning box stuff is trouble.

    A proper mapper is the best In the long run!
    Spend a few more than a tuning box, safer.

    I’ve had Joe map my Impreza several times and friends cars too.

    Terrible nice fella and his work is top notch.

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    Ok seeing as you asked I had tuning boxes on various cars over the years as I wasn’t in a position to get them remapped.
    They do work a bit but nothing like a proper remap for your individual car and I just think the extra few quid for a remap is more effective and far safer. Ask the internet...

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    Just be aware with a remap, if you bring your car back to a main dealer for servicing and they have to do a software upgrade you will most likely loose your remap. Check with whoever is remapping it, what their policy is with reloading the map. Ie what do they charge for a reload.
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