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Thread: Orbea or Lapierre???

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    You're dead right re the budget and good bikes. You might remember my last bike was nicked but it was a ridiculously clean 2007/8 Specialzed Tarmac Expert fully carbon I grabbed for €550, absolute bargain of the century. So like I said if I see the right bike I'll stretch the budget, otherwise if I can pick up something daycent for around the 300 odd mark I'll grab it.

    If that Thompson or Focus wasn't so far form me currently I'd be all over them. I'm back in Dublin this weekend so hoping to have one or two lined up like possibly this but might be a tad too big

    Am keeping an eye on this but no responce from the lad -

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    Have to say, I completely agree with Bloke. If your going to be commuting plus doing weekend spins, you'll be doing a fair bit of miles. You would be sickened after a wheel that you didn't spend an extra €50 to €100.

    Some of those bikes Bloke has suggested look great. Especially that Focus. My brothers and my father had Boardmans all reliable commuters, and they were very happy with them.

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    That canyon and genesis are fine bikes.

    At that money you should keep an eye on planet x for something brand new. Especially with black Friday etc coming up.

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    Check out

    The Endurace Al 6 is 799 brand new!! Full ten speed tiagra, aksiums on 25c continentals.

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    They are lovely, and I have a nice 2ndhand one I'm watching in Adverts but there is an issue with my measurements, when I put them into the Canyon website size checker it always returns a result saying I exceed their recommended adjustment range so I cant determine if their Small size is too big for me. Looks likeit might be.

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    They're auto sizer is weird but their frame size are well standard. Go by their top tube measurements and you'll be grand. If you're a 52 or a 54 or whatever, just buy that.
    I bought the wife a 3XS so I'd be astonished frankly if they didn't have something to fit ya

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    So I came across this and am really tempted only I think being approx 164cm in height its a tad too big

    But then I saw THIS - thoughts?

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    Gosh, they're both lovely.

    A grand is a completely different shopping budget though!!

    What's your size?

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    well at 164cm I'[m approx 5"4 so small size. That Colnago is 49cm I think. So my height I think just about rules me out of 52 frames which is a shame cause there are a lot of nice bikes out there at that size.
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    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    I'd think a 52 would be too big for you too unfortunately.

    That seller on Adverts always has a decent stock of very nice old bikes. I'm not sure whether it's the same Simon Ryan that would have been ripping it up around the A1 races for the last few years or someone else.

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