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Thread: For Sale 2008 BMW 525i Manual SE

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    For Sale 2008 BMW 525i Manual SE

    For Sale 2008 BMW 525i Manual SE saloon (3.0 N53 engine, 218 BHP)
    Great order, tax Jan 2020, NCT Sept 2020. Mileage 241,000km, BR asking price, 3550

    Good spec, xenon lights, tilt/slide sunroof, widescreen, satnav, upgraded Professional BMW audio (much improved over standard), keyless entry start/stop, dual zone climate, bluetooth, leather, plus usual auto lights, wipers, tyre monitor, cruise, elec windows, mirrors, etc.
    Detachable (OEM spec) Westfalia towing kit fitted last year with little light use (some paint still on the towing ball).

    I purchased over 2 years ago, based on its condition, spec, engine and box combo, plus the emissions tax system, so 750 tax (vs the cc-based 1400+ for a 3L motor).

    I have added 50,000 KM and in that time serviced it regularly. It has needed nothing outside of routine maintenance, not even a bulb. I had to put air in one tyre. Once.

    So that's it. An oasis in the shape of a specced 6 cylinder manual petrol E60 BMW in a desert of 520Ds.

    Questions: Is she hard on fuel? 32mpg average, easy 35mpg on a run, not bad for 200+ BHP; Does it need anything? Front tyres could do with a change soon, rears are good; Service history? Not a jot prior to me buying and servicing; Anything not working? TV tuner maybe, I cannot tune it in.

    Pics are from last year; all that has changed are the tyres, numbers on the odo, NCT cert and tax disc.
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    That’s a great package. You would pay about 3.5k for a 08 520d too, makes this a no brainer!

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    Great motor, and a nice capacity/power/tax compromise

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    It's a great all rounder, agreed. Easy to forget the depth of its abilities - comfort, flexibility, unstressed performance - until I hop into another car and drive.
    To really appreciate this petrol engine, drive it and a 520D back to back. It makes a 520D feel like it's broken. (Which is a pity because the overall E60 styling, packaging and dynamics remain rather good.)

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    They are such a great motor. When these came out first, I hated the look of them but now, I think they have aged quite well. I have my 530D 3 years now and as it happens, also 50k km added to her and would be hard pushed to change it, considering their values now.

    Best of luck with the sale!
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    I can't see the photos, any suggestions?

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    Glws, unfortunately the timing isn't right for me.

    Would a remap do anything for that engine as a matter of interest?

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    20-30hp. If you source an intake manifold+adjusters from a *28i/*30i, +50hp.

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