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Thread: Gallardo V10 engine rebuild thread on pistonheads

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    Gallardo V10 engine rebuild thread on pistonheads

    Set aside maybe and hour if you haven't seen this one as it is definitely worth a read. The owner of a 2005 5.0 V10 Gallardo is very open with the costs and long process involved in getting his engine rebuilt on his high miles (over 100k) daily driver Lambo. Even I can follow most of the technical stuff so it's not too deep into the details! (Overall I don't think the costs are too bad when compared with full engine rebuild prices for something less exotic like a Porsche 996/997)

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    Thats cool , theres a Lamborghini Espada V12 getting rebuilt on Harrys Garage
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    Have been following this since the start of the year. Excellent thread, really interesting stuff.

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    Awesome thread just read it all. I really admire his attitude to using the car.

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    Gonna take a look now, thanks!

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