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Thread: BMW Pron

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    Quote Originally Posted by 318 iS cosmos View Post
    I think it's the wheels..looks weird without the BBS on her!
    Those are Light weight OZ CRs as used in.... IIRC BTCC back in the day.

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    The things I'd do for a Valencia orange 1M

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennwagen View Post
    Those are Light weight OZ CRs as used in.... IIRC BTCC back in the day.
    Learn something new everyday! I actually checked Munich legends website and itís listed as a track car and itís sold!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris139ryan View Post
    If you had to pick one of those to drive home in Kingers what would it be
    So hard to pick - like the E46 CSL is something I could really relate to but how could I look past that silver E30 M3 evo....

    Part of me wants to experience the E28 Alpina B7S Turbo though - it had 330bhp, with a boost valve next to the tartan seats, manual box and slipper out back...... so so cool (if a total nightmare to maintain).

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    Something just hit home......
    What absolute sh1t hole we live in.
    I cant remember the last time i seen something nice on the road here.
    Its depressing.

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    BMW Pron

    Great pictures thanks. I was nearly going to their open evening recently. A friend was there looking at the red Sport Evo E30 M3 a couple of weeks back, he has an Alpine White 1M. Really great cars to drive. The White M1 they have is on Irish plates, sadly will not be coming back here by the looks of it. I remember the adjustable boost knob from the B7S I had. The experience is highly recommended. Itís an E12

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    Ah ha, so it is - do tell us more about it!

    330bhp back then was batshit numbers - the 911 (930) Turbo in Ď81 had only 300bhp....

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    Christ Andy, is there any limit to the dream cars youv had.

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    It was an immense car to drive. Extremely comfy with the lovely seats. Very capable and handled really nicely, compliant without harshness and yet sporty. Thatís the beauty of how an Alpina drives. It stopped very well too. The most BMW offered at the time in a 5 was 218BHP, so these were a different world. The quality of the product was very high. It sure didnít feel like a tuner down a back street. Alpina took cars from the line in BMW and didnít loose any build quality. They had an extended range fuel tank.

    The progression from the B7 to B7S led to more plush seats and interior, better trimmed boot around the extra tank. Obviously the was the larger engine with the extra 30 BHP. There were 149 B7ís in the E12 and 60 (they say ) B7S E12ís. Oh I had a B7 too

    Bottom left B7S, Right is B7. Ignore the top that was an E21 A1/3 I had.

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